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The increase in life expectancy in the past two decades has been accompanied by an even greater increase in life years free of disability, thanks in large measure to improvements in cardiovascular health and declines in vision problems, a new study shows.

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, the most common of pancreatic cancers, is extraordinarily lethal, with a five-year survival rate of just 6 percent. In a new study, researchers describe an innovative new model that not only allowed them to track drug resistance in vivo, but also revealed a new…

Better measures of school-based cognitive function were associated with late-term infants born at 41 weeks but those children performed worse on a measure of physical functioning compared with infants born full term at 39 or 40 weeks, according to an article.

Affixing pictures on cigarette packets to illustrate the danger of smoking increased attempts by smokers to quit, according to the results of a clinical trial.

With a more-is-better mindset common in society, frequent commercials encouraging checks of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C) levels, and ads for new diabetes medications to lower HbA1C in adults with Type 2 diabetes, researchers were not too surprised to find overtesting occurring.

An existing cancer immunotherapy drug reduces tumor size in some types of rare connective tissue cancers, called sarcomas. Additional analyses of tumor biopsies and blood samples, which will help the researchers better understand which sarcoma subtypes will benefit most from the new treatment, are…

Children with high-risk neuroblastoma whose treatment included two autologous stem-cell transplants were more likely to be free of cancer three years later than patients who underwent a single transplant, a Phase 3 clinical trial has found. The tandem transplant technique produced even better…

Mothers who practiced responsive parenting -- including reacting promptly and appropriately to hunger and fullness cues -- were less likely to have overweight babies at their one-year checkup than those who did not, say health researchers.

A panel of microRNAs from blood samples may predict patients at high risk of developing a common liver cancer from hepatitis B virus infection.

FTC alleges deceptive e-mail tactics used by Florida firm to sell bogus weight-loss products.

Two studies outline Cpf1's superiority as a precise genome editing tool with no unintended mutations. It requires only a single RNA that CRISPR RNA assembly is simpler; its staggered cleavage patterns may facilitate substituting existing DNA with desired sequences; and it recognizes thymidine-rich…

Obesity is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes, yet not all obese humans develop the disease. In a new study, researchers have identified epigenomic alterations that are associated with inflammation and type 2 diabetes. The findings help to explain how alterations of the epigenome during…

Scientists have discovered a new cause of Parkinson's disease -- mutations in a gene called TMEM230. This appears to be the third gene definitively linked to confirmed cases of the common movement disorder.

Lung cancer patients with oliogometastases, defined as three or fewer sites of metastasis, may benefit from aggressive local therapy, surgery or radiation, after standard chemotherapy, according to research.

In a recent set of experiments, psychologists found evidence that couples downgrade the appearance of people they perceive as threatening their relationships, concluding that people in relationships actually see tempting people outside of their partnership as less attractive.

What is it about the sight of an infant that makes almost everyone crack a smile? Big eyes, chubby cheeks, and a button nose? An infectious laugh, soft skin, and a captivating smell? While we have long known that babies look cute, researchers have found that cuteness is designed to appeal to all…

Nearly one in three American senior citizens choose to get their government-funded Medicare health coverage through plans run by health insurance companies. The rest get it straight from the federal government. But if health policy decision-makers assume the two groups are pretty much the same,…

Scientists have invented an easily breathable nanomask that can filter incredibly tiny particles, such as viruses and air pollutants.

An investigational immunotherapy drug being tested in the treatment of a rare form of skin cancer known as Merkel cell carcinoma has been found to be well tolerated with a clinical benefit seen in up to 42 percent of patients who failed prior treatment and were observed for at least six months.

A novel combination therapy cures an emerging infectious disease, babesiosis, which is transmitted by the same ticks that transmit the agents of Lyme disease, report researchers. This 'radical' therapy not only clears the infection but also prevents the recurrence that often occurs with existing…

An innovative wearable technology for standing desks that creates a new way of interacting with your computer could reduce cyberslacking and increase healthy movement. Researchers are hoping to make computing a bit more fun and physically active all while helping computer users kick cyberslacking…

New research explores counterintuitive trends in the link between premarital sex and marital stability.

Researchers reveal essential aspects of the regulation of the anti-tumor protein p53.

Engaging in short, explosive leg contractions is the most effective way of strengthening muscles, new research reveals.

A molecular probe has been developed that emits light at critical stages while destroying tumor cells.

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