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As the overall quality of instruction in preschool classrooms increases, children experience better outcomes across a range of skills, but the needle only moves on language and reading skills when instructional quality is at or above a threshold.

Researchers have decoded a new mechanism of how the immune system can specifically attack pigmented cells of the skin. It was previously believed that so-called natural killer cells did not have an immunological memory for the body's own tissues. However, the scientists have now been able to show…

Adding to previous evidence, a study based on a statewide cancer database shows no increase in cancer risk in patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery with the bone-promoting growth factor recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP).

To better understand the pathogenic bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and develop more effective treatments, researchers examined the Staph "pan-genome" — the genomes of 64 different strains that differ in where they live, the types of hosts they infect and their antibiotic resistance profiles. This…

A new retrospective study that reviewed the CT data of 50 emphysema patients found that ultralow-dose CT (ULDCT) can substitute for standard-dose CT (SDCT) in disease quantification if both iterative reconstruction (IR) and filtered back projection are used.

Financial strain has long been one of the leading causes of family discord, but a recent study suggests that simply living through major economic recessions increases a mother's chance of suffering from domestic violence.

Selling wine in larger wine glasses may encourage people to drink more, even when the amount of wine remains the same, suggests new research, where researchers found that increasing the size of wine glasses led to an almost 10 percent increase in wine sales.

As elementary and middle school students progress in school, they are less likely to have friends of a different race, even from the beginning to the end of a single school year, finds a study,

Recognizing the high research and development costs for drugs to combat cancer, a team of researchers has devised a method to maximize investment into these undertakings by spotting which efforts are the most scientifically viable.

Researchers discovered serial rapists are far more common than previous research suggested, a finding that could change how sexual assaults, including so-called acquaintance rapes, are investigated. They are also learning more about how rapists operate and their victims.

The prevalence of obesity in 2013- 2014 was 35 percent among men and 40 percent among women, and between 2005 and 2014, there was an increase in prevalence among women, but not men, according to an American study.

The brains of healthy relatives of people with schizophrenia may hold a clue to better understand - and ultimately treat - the devastating illness, finds new research.

Anorexia nervosa might not be explained by fear of gaining weight, but by the pleasure of losing it, say researchers, adding that the phenomenon might be genetically influenced. The work challenges the notion of fear of weight gain in anorexia patients.

Researchers have identified the molecular pathways involved in the aging of human eggs. This research could eventually lead to treatments to correct age-related damage and improve fertility in women age 40 and older.

Not a morning person? Neither are your kidneys. Research suggests there may be benefits to timing chemotherapy in cancer patients to the time of day the body is 'most awake.'

New research reports that higher blood concentrations of methotrexate during cancer treatment are associated with brain changes and impaired executive function in survivors of pediatric leukemia.

Targeting the light chain expressed by malignant B cells killed tumor cells while sparing normal B cells expressing the other type of light chain, report researchers at conclusion of a recent study.

Scientists have developed a blood test that accurately and reliably predicts whether depressed patients will respond to common antidepressants, which could herald a new era of personalized treatment for people with depression.

A new metastatic melanoma study suggests that a combination of two immunotherapies may be better than one. One treatment uses a patient's own T cells modified in the lab to more powerfully recognize and attack tumors; the other treatment, a 'checkpoint inhibitor,' releases the brakes on the body's…

Daughters of overweight mothers who develop gestational diabetes are significantly more likely to experience an earlier onset of one sign of puberty, according to new research.

It's common now to see people snubbing social companions to concentrate on their smartphone. But what causes this behavior -- known as 'phubbing' -- and how did it come to be regarded as normal?

In an analysis of pregnancies in Australia from 1999 to 2014 in which women were taking anti-epileptic drugs, fetal malformation rates fell over time in pregnancies where only one drug was taken, but rates increased in pregnancies where multiple drugs were taken.

Researchers have built a model to investigate the metastasis of cancer by examining the metabolism of breast epithelial cells and look at the role of signaling. This research may contribute to the development of cell specific anti-cancer interventions.

To be prepared for new Ebola virus disease cases, it is fundamental to start by identifying the range of the virus and the regions that are more favorable for its propagation.

Eating a non-calorie restricted Mediterranean diet high in vegetable fats such as olive oil or nuts does not lead to significant weight gain compared to a low-fat diet, according to a large randomized trial. The study suggests that current health guidelines that recommend a low-fat, low-calorie…

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