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Over 200 American kitchens were photographed to determine if the food sitting out on counters could predict the weight of the woman living in each home.

With food allergies in children on the rise, parents often ask the question, How do I prevent food allergies in my baby? A new review, based on the latest evidence, interprets new evidence to guide physicians and families regarding food introduction and allergy prevention.

When you tickle the toes of newborn babies, the experience for them isn't quite as you would imagine it to be. That's because, according to new evidence, infants in the first four months of life apparently feel that touch and wiggle their feet without connecting the sensation to you.

The amount of TV adolescents watch is likely to bias their views about the consequences of eating fast food, suggests new research. Investigators surveyed over 1,000 teenagers who reported hours of TV viewing, beliefs about the consequences of eating fast food, and their frequency of fast food…

A new study in mice reveals that increased body weight and high blood sugar as a result of consuming a high-fat diet may cause anxiety and depressive symptoms and measurable changes in the brain.

An orange pigment found in lichens and rhubarb called parietin may have potential as an anti-cancer drug because it interferes with the metabolic enzyme 6PGD, scientists have discovered.

As hospital acquisition of physician practices has led to more physicians becoming employees of hospitals, prices have gone up, with no offsetting evidence of greater efficiency.

Researchers have discovered a protein that's involved in helping control the architecture of connections between neurons -- a basic process involved in both healthy and diseased brains.

In the largest genetic study of eczema in the world to date, a group of international researchers has combined data on 377,000 participants in 40 research studies worldwide, including the Bristol-based Children of the 90s, to identify 10 new genetic variants related to eczema.

New insight into a vital cerebral pathway has explained how some patients in a vegetative state are aware despite appearing to be unconscious and being behaviorally unresponsive.

Have a cavity? Ask your dentist about filling it with a mixture of nanoparticles including silica and zirconia. These white fillings resemble teeth better than their metal alternatives and are less likely to come loose or fracture teeth. This is just the beginning argue scientists in a review of…

Protease inhibitors are a class of antiviral drugs that are commonly used to treat HIV. Scientists have designed a new delivery system for these drugs that, when coupled with another investigational drug, rid immune cells of HIV and kept the virus in check for long periods. While current HIV…

Health care providers must have detailed discussions with their older adult patients to better determine their true life expectancy, according to researchers.

Studying mice with a variety of viral infections, scientists have demonstrated a way to dial up the body's innate immune defenses while simultaneously attacking a protein that many viruses rely on to replicate.

Invasive methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus infection (MSSA) caused more infections and more deaths in hospitalized infants than invasive methicillin-resistant S. aureus infection (MRSA), which suggests measures to prevent S. aureus infections should include MSSA in addition to MRSA,…

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, regardless of your age. But a new study shows that some types of physical activity have a greater impact on body composition in postmenopausal compared to premenopausal women.

Vascular cells are continuously subjected to pulsatile mechanical extension of vessels caused by the periodic contraction of the heart. The physiology of vascular cells strongly depends on these mechanical forces. Now, it has been demonstrated that the temporal reactions of vascular cells to such…

Rheumatologists have been analyzing clinical data on biosimilars that have already been approved for use. The term 'biosimilars' refers to drugs that mimic the effects of biologics. A particular focus of the article is the efficacy of biosimilars that have already been approved for the treatment of…

Celiac patients are at no increased risk for dementia before or after their diagnosis of celiac disease, a new and comprehensive study has found. The study analyzed data on 8,846 individuals over the age of 50, matching patients with celiac disease to controls with regard to their rate of…

A new study has pinpointed how early childhood stress affects brain activity, related to risks for depression and other mental health problems in adulthood.

Scientists have developed a test system for the search for new active ingredients. Medical researchers were able to study in detail the mechanism through which the enzyme 5-Lipoxygenase together with another protein called FLAP starts inflammation processes.

A hormone treatment with oxytocin improves the sexual experience of women suffering from sexual dysfunction. However, a control group that only received a placebo via a nasal spray, showed similar improvements. Sexual dysfunction in women is therefore not merely a question of a chemical hormone…

A multicomponent outreach program increased completion of the three-dose human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination series that reduces the risk of cervical cancer caused by the virus, say researchers.

Scientists have developed SUNfeet, insoles which are customized to the anatomy of the user's foot, which increase the comfort of footwear and reduce pain and fatigue in the feet.

Most drug residues discharged to wastewater come from private households. As contributors of pollution by Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), health establishments, such as hospitals, psychiatric and nursing facilities are hardly worth mentioning, say researchers. They merely discharge a…

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