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An instructional program for parents helps young children retain the literacy skills and positive learning behaviors acquired in Head Start through to the end of the kindergarten year, according to researchers.

Overall exposure to brand-specific alcohol advertising is a significant predictor of underage youth alcohol brand consumption, with youth ages 13 to 20 more than five times more likely to consume brands that advertise on national television and 36 percent more likely to consume brands that…

A mouse strain with a mutation that leads to dysfunction of mitochondria -- the 'powerhouses' that provide energy to cells -- spontaneously undergo periodic episodes of depression-like behavior that resemble those in human, scientists report.

Warning: Stereotypes may be harmful to patients' health. An American national study has found people who encountered the threat of being judged by negative stereotypes related to weight, age, race, gender, or social class in health care settings were more likely to have hypertension, be depressed,…

An athletic woman in her 50s suddenly can't move her arm, then feels fine several minutes later. But an MRI reveals serious trouble elsewhere.

An international team of researchers has developed a new technique called cyclic healing that uses repetitive, gentle stretching to eliminate pre-existing defects in metal crystals.

A new study study has identified the presence of a specific protein in the blood used to look for heart damage. This protein can be an early indicator of end-stage renal disease -- and ultimately death -- in people with hypertension, regardless of race or baseline kidney function.

A newly-developed mathematical method can detect geometric structure in neural activity in the brain. The method is a first step toward developing a new mathematical toolkit to uncover the structure of neural circuits with unknown function in the brain.

Researchers have shown at the molecular level how experiencing stress changes a male mouse's sperm in such a way that it affects his offspring's response to stress. This change is imparted epigenetically, or through a means other than the DNA code, by molecules called microRNAs, or miRs.

When a Lake Malawi cichlid loses a tooth, a new one drops neatly into place as a replacement. Why can't humans similarly regrow teeth lost to injury or disease?

Psychologists suggest that humans, like other species, can perceive certain scents as threatening.

Psychologists analyzed central personality traits of over 20,000 grown-ups from Germany, the USA, and Great Britain. Who we become only marginally correlates with our birth position amongst siblings.

Implementation of a collaborative care model among community-dwelling older people using a health risk assessment instrument resulted in better health behaviors and increased use of preventative care, according to a new study.

Researchers found that families with children admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit incurred significant nonmedical, out-of-pocket expenses and demonstrated work absenteeism and inability to perform daily activities, with lowest income brackets bearing the highest burden.

Malaria affects millions of people worldwide. Plasmodium falciparum enolase participates in parasite invasion of host red blood cells and mosquito midgut epithelium. Anti-enolase antibodies interfere with the invasion, inhibiting parasite growth and transmission. A pentapeptide insert of parasite…

Patients with acute coronary syndrome who have undergone angioplasty have a reduced risk of all-cause in-hospital mortality but an increased risk of bleeding when given glycoprotein 2b/3a inhibitors after the procedure, according to a new study.

Low household income was associated with higher risk of death after cardiac surgery in Sweden despite that the entire population has access to free health care, according to a new study.

While whey protein supplementation helps athletes build lean body mass, progress can be stifled by overlooking a key facet of training: muscle recovery. New research tests a whey protein supplement fortified with compounds designed to aid in muscle recovery following highly demanding resistance…

New research indicates that low levels of a growth factor called stem cell factor (SCF)—which is thought to be important for blood vessel repair—are linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In a study of 384 patients with a first coronary event and 409 event-free individuals, SCF…

Earlier this month, researchers discovered that at least part of the euphoria that comes after a strenuous workout — runner's high — is due to endocannabinoids, the body's self-produced counterparts to some of marijuana's mood-enhancing chemicals. The finding overturned decades of conventional…

Holocaust survivor stories helped a post-doctoral researcher with a series of studies on gratitude and how it functions in the brain. The study sheds new light on a very under-studied subject, said the study's senior author.

Burnout and depression overlap considerably, according to the latest study on the subject. The findings are based on a survey taken by 1,386 public school teachers, from pre-K to 12th grade across the United States during the 2013-14 academic year.

Scientists detect the presence of carbon nanotubes in cells extracted from the airways of Parisian children with asthma. Their results suggest nanotubes may be common components of airborne pollution and vehicles may be a source.

Bioengineers have developed a continuously tunable method to locate biomarkers in DNA and RNA. Finding biomarkers is important for the detection of diseases and design of therapies to treat them.

A new genetic discovery could help scientists understand exactly how one X chromosome in each cell of a female's body gets 'silenced' -- and perhaps lead to better treatment for X-linked diseases.

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