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The expanding scope and growing number of tools used for neuroscience is moving beyond what is taught in traditional graduate programs, say leaders in American neuroscience education, funding, and policy. Researchers call for reinvestment in neuroscience graduate and post-graduate training to meet…

Although multiple sclerosis is known to run in certain families, attempts to find genes linked to the disease have been elusive. Now for the first time researchers are reporting a gene mutation that can be connected directly to the development of the disease.

Two studies examine the usefulness of a high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I assay to help identify or exclude the diagnosis of a heart attack for patients reporting to an emergency department with chest pain.

A new mouse model is the first to show that when more of a specific biological molecule moves between different parts of nerve cells in the mouse brain, it can lead to behaviors that resembles some aspects of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in humans.

Physicians have long used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to detect cancer, but results of a new study describe the potential use of restriction spectrum imaging (RSI) as an imaging biomarker that enhances the ability of MRI to differentiate aggressive prostate cancer from low-grade or benign…

New research looks into the causes of teen crashes. Phase II of the report examines teen crash videos to determine trends in driver distraction. The results show that teens increasingly text and manipulate their phones in the moments leading up to a crash.

Nearly 20 percent of women with ovarian cancer do not undergo surgery, despite it being a standard part of treatment recommendations. The findings, which suggest women may live four times longer with surgical treatment, were especially striking among older patients; researchers found that nearly…

Most people know that a diet high in fiber helps to keep us 'regular.' Now researchers have uncovered a surprising benefit of this often-undervalued dietary component.

For the first time, research shows that depression can be effectively prevented through online training. The team studied 406 people who were at increased risk of developing depression but were not suffering from the disorder.

A stress receptor in the brain is found to regulate metabolic responses to stressful situations differently in male and female mice.

Fighting the flu during pregnancy sickens a pregnant woman, but it may also put the fetus at a slightly increased risk for neurodevelopmental disorders like autism later in life. A new study in pregnant mice offers a potential mechanism explaining why: Inflammation alters neurotransmitters and…

Becoming Medicare eligible at age 65 (as compared to age 64) was associated with an abrupt 6.4 percentage-point decline in the number of people who were uninsured and a 9.6 percentage-point increase in rehabilitation, researchers have found.

Researchers have developed an integrated, wearable system that monitors a user's environment, heart rate and other physical attributes with the goal of predicting and preventing asthma attacks. The researchers plan to begin testing the system on a larger subject population this summer.

When it comes to helping women become more physically active, a one-size-fits-all approach may not work, according to a new study.

Courses that engage college students in conducting scientific research early on can dramatically increase students' odds of completing a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) degree, a positive sign for efforts to boost US competitiveness in science and technology, report researchers.

This review examines three areas of study – one, the biological pathways of alcohol-linked breast cancer; two, the epidemiological risk relationship between drinking and breast cancer; and three, the global burden of breast cancer incidence and mortality that is attributable to drinking – with a…

A new review examines three areas of study – one, the biological pathways of alcohol-linked breast cancer; two, the epidemiological risk relationship between drinking and breast cancer; and three, the global burden of breast cancer incidence and mortality that is attributable to drinking – with a…

A new review examines the current literature on the genetics of FASD susceptibility and gene-ethanol interactions. The authors also comment on potential mechanisms of reported gene-ethanol interactions.

The new study found that children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder integrated in regular schools find it difficult to perform writing tasks. This can impair their academic achievements, social availability, and self-confidence, say experts.

Researchers have identified promising drugs that could lead to the first antidote for radiation exposure that might result from a dirty bomb terror attack or a nuclear accident such as Chernobyl.

Scientists discovered that acrolein -- a toxic substance produced in cells during times of oxidative stress -- in fact may play a role in preventing the process of fibrillation, an abnormal clumping of peptides that has been associated with Alzheimer's disease and other neural diseases. The key to…

People with Alzheimer's disease could benefit from earlier diagnosis if a long-term memory test combined with a brain scan were carried out, a study suggests.

Studies of young people's perceived values of learning has resulted in a theoretical framework that can form the basis for further discussions and means to develop and understand education.

For the first time, scientists have created a drug candidate that attacks and neutralizes the RNA structure that causes an incurable progressive, inherited disease involving a gradual loss of control over body movement.

A potential new class of small-molecule drugs has been discovered that simultaneously inhibit two sought-after targets in the treatment of pain, the ion channels TRPV4 and TRPA1. Their proof-of-concept experiments in mice could lead to the development of a new drug to treat conditions including…

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