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Cerebellar ataxia is a condition of the cerebellum that causes an inability to coordinate muscle movements. A new study describes a new genetic mutation as an additional cause of ataxia in humans and mice. The mutation, in the gene CAPN1, affects the function of the enzyme calpain-1 and causes…

When leaders punish subordinates, they often do this out of distrust. They are afraid of losing their position and use punishment as a deterrent. However, their punishments are not very effective, says a social and organizational psychologist.

Consumers know some of the benefits blueberries provide, but they're less aware of the advantages of reverting aging, improving vision and memory, a new study shows. Researchers surveyed more than 2,000 people in 31 states – mostly on the East Coast and in the Midwest – to see what they know about…

The difficult, and sometimes dangerous, job of caregiving in residential facilities for troubled youth becomes notably more fulfilling when agencies de-emphasize behavior control in favor of creating opportunities for children's success.

The junctions between nerve cells responsible for releasing and receiving dopamine in the brain are a surprising mismatch that gives this chemical a strong competitive advantage, report researchers.

A single gene pathway that is vital for Zika and other flaviviruses to spread infection between cells has now been identified by researchers. Further, they showed that shutting down a single gene in this pathway -- in both human and insect cells -- does not negatively affect the cells themselves…

The genome is permanently altered in the uterus of mice that had been exposed to BPA during their fetal development, new research indicates.

Here's another reason why you should hit the gym regularly as you grow older: a new report shows that regular exercise plays a critical role in helping muscles repair themselves as quickly as possible after injury. After only eight weeks of exercise, old mice experienced faster muscle repair and…

When choosing unrelated male partners for cooperative ventures, men value productivity as well as generosity and trustworthiness, new research indicates.

We know that individuals who smoke take major health risks. Now a new research study shows that common treatment for breast cancer works less well in patients who smoke, compared to non-smokers.

Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles may help destroy difficult-to-treat triple-negative breast cancer tumors.

In the 1950s, thalidomide (Contergan) was prescribed as a sedative drug to pregnant women, resulting in a great number of infants with serious malformations. Up to now, the reasons for these disastrous birth defects have remained unclear. Researchers have now at last identified the molecular…

Researchers shed light on the molecular mechanisms behind radiation-based cancer therapies, through new study.

A new study has found new molecular sub-groups in early stages of bladder cancer. This improves the understanding of why some tumors develop aggressively and this discovery may lead to optimized treatment.

It is currently one challenge in cancer research to activate the body's natural defenses to eliminate tumor cells. A research team has now discovered with her team a surprising new function for the signalling molecule STAT1 in immune cells. This previously unknown feature could pave the way to a…

Researchers have demonstrated that selective inactivation of the p110&alpha, PI3K isoform is sufficient to block tumor progression and metastasis in a mice model of PanNETs

People who are interested in gaining power for themselves are less aware than others of discrimination and injustice in the workplace, suggests a new study.

Cholera outbreaks are on the rise. To prevent and control them, three oral cholera vaccines are currently approved by WHO. A study examining the immune response to one of them in Haitian adults finds that while the first vaccine round elicits a strong cholera-specific response in the mucosa (the…

Insects transmit diseases when, probing for blood vessels, they inject saliva together with viral, bacterial, or parasitic pathogens into the skin of mammalian hosts. A study in mice suggests a critical role of mosquito saliva in the outcome of dengue virus infection.

Scientists can interfere with sperm production in the parasitic blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni by blocking expression of the Nuclear Factor Y-B gene (NF-YB).

A new study of adolescents suggests that obtaining an insufficient amount of sleep increases variability in sadness, anger, energy and feelings of sleepiness. The study also showed that nightly fluctuations in sleep in healthy adolescents predict worse mood the next day, and worse mood any given…

Women who commit deadly violence are different in many ways from male perpetrators, both in terms of the most common victims, the way in which the murder is committed, the place where it is carried out and the perpetrator's background.

Researchers have developed a new method, using super-resolution microscopy, to determine the length of stretched proteins in living cells, and monitor the dynamic binding of proteins, at sub-second timescales.

How will the traumatic events of the terrorist attacks of 13 November 2015 evolve in people's memories, whether collective or individual? How does individual memory feed on collective memory and vice versa? Is it possible, by studying cerebral markers, to predict which victims will develop…

Scientists have released survey results showing that children who receive positive attention and care from their parents tend to have high incomes, high happiness levels, academic success, and a strong sense of morality.

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