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Laboratory rats who breathed Beijing's highly polluted air gained weight and experienced cardio-respiratory and metabolic dysfunctions. A study found pollution-breathing pregnant rats had heavier lungs and livers and increased tissue inflammation. These rats had higher LDL cholesterol; higher…

A revolution in the treatment and rehabilitation of muscle/tendon injuries is on its way with the development of a ground-breaking new intelligent technology.

Fair warning to presidential candidates participating in upcoming presidential debates: your inappropriate nonverbal behavior is noticed, and it could overshadow the substance of what you say.

Injured nerve cells in the limbs (the peripheral nervous system or PNS) can regrow and repair. Nerve cells in the central nervous system (CNS) -- brain and spinal cord -- cannot. Now a network of genes has been identified in a mouse study that promotes PNS repair. In addition, an existing drug that…

Researchers are using nanoparticles to kill tumor cells inside the eye. This nanotechnology also has the potential to be used for multiple applications in ophthalmology and other disciplines, they say.

New ground has been broken in our understanding of the complex functioning of the brain. The research demonstrates that brain cells, known as astrocytes, which play fundamental roles in nearly all aspects of brain function, could be adjusted by neurons in response to injury and disease.

Tyrosinase is a multifunctional copper-containing enzyme widely distributed in microorganisms as well as plants and animals which has a primordial role in melanin biosynthesis thus impacting on skin color and pigmentation.

The INTERGROWTH-21st Consortium has published the final set of charts that enable healthcare professionals worldwide to assess the weight, length and head circumference of newborns from 24 to 42 weeks of gestation, and which apply to all babies, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Adults with prediabetes who followed a nationally-available weight management program with a prediabetes-specific component, Weight Watchers, lost significantly more weight and experienced better blood glucose control than those following a self-initiated program using supplemental counseling…

Sending general practitioners (GPs) in England a letter giving feedback on their antibiotic prescribing habits could cut unnecessary prescriptions of antibiotics, according to the first nationwide randomized trial of its kind involving over 1,500 GP practices.

A mystery about how a promising new class of anti-cancer drugs, called nutlins, work has been discovered by scientists, paving the way for improving the future of cancer treatment.

The first three-dimensional 'map' of a critical protein that malaria parasites use to invade human red blood cells has been created, offering clues for developing a vaccine countering the most widespread species of the parasite.

A hormone instrumental in the aging process is under genetic control, introducing a new pathway by which genetics regulates aging and disease, new research confirms.

Researchers developed a mathematical model to estimate the rates of mutation as a function of the nearby sequences of DNA 'letters' -- called nucleotides. This new model not only provides clues into the process of mutation, but also helps discover possible genetic risk factors that influence…

An international research team has successfully modified immune cells to recognize and specifically target tumor cells in mice. Cancer treatments based on the findings would likely have fewer side effects than standard therapies currently in use, say investigators.

Over the last decade, one researcher has spent his time figuring out how to deliver chemotherapy drugs into cancerous tumors -- and nowhere else. Now his lab has designed a set of nanoparticles attached to strands of DNA that can change shape to gain access to diseased tissue.

A new study shows that the act of creating pluripotent stem cells for clinical use is unlikely to pass on cancer-causing mutations to patients.

In 2011, California embarked on one of the biggest and most controversial criminal justice experiments in history. Following the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Plata, the state passed the Public Safety Realignment Act – in legislative shorthand AB 109 – which required that California's 58…

To treat a complicated, non-healing bone defect, surgeons often use an implant with living cells to promote bone repair, but the implanted cells have a small chance of surviving because they are not prepared for a lack of oxygen and nutrients at the fracture site. Scientists have now improved…

A new method enables storage and controlled release of pharmaceutical substances in the body, just under the skin. The new molecular storage method could find its way into clinical practice in the foreseeable future, say researchers.

The biochemical and molecular alteration that causes resistance to radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the glioblastoma, the most aggressive of brain tumors, has now been identified by researchers. This finding could in future enable new, more effective therapies to be designed.

The intestinal microbiota is necessary to ensure optimum postnatal growth and contributes to determining the size of adult individuals, notably in the event of undernutrition. The key element in this relationship is Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), whose production and activity are in part…

A new study could change the way researchers understand and treat autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in passing an antibody through the blood-brain barrier to act as a tracer for PET imaging of the brain. This resulted in more precise information being obtained than with regular radioactive tracers. The study provides hope for more effective diagnosis…

According to a new study most people are able to navigate easily by following audio guidance while walking or cycling. The study investigated two different guidance types: route guidance and beacon guidance.

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