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The human gut harbors a teeming menagerie of over 100 trillion microorganisms, and researchers have discovered that exercising early in life can alter that microbial community for the better, promoting healthier brain and metabolic activity over the course of a lifetime.

New findings could help explain the apparent 'sixth sense' we have for danger in social situations, with the direction of a person's gaze being a crucial cue. People with non-clinical anxiety are particularly well poised for action.

Survivors of cancer pay thousands of dollars in excess medical expenditures every year, with the excess financial burden varying by age and cancer site, a new report suggests.

Electronic toys for infants that produce lights, words and songs were associated with decreased quantity and quality of language compared to playing with books or traditional toys such as a wooden puzzle, a shape-sorter and a set of rubber blocks, according to an article.

A little information goes a long way in encouraging cancer patients to enroll in clinical trials, a decision that could be potentially lifesaving, new research demonstrates.

Researchers have identified and mapped areas of high probability of plague bacteria in the western United States. This investigation predicted animal plague occurrence across western states based on reported occurrences of plague in sylvan (wild) and domestic animal hosts. Plague is a disease…

Nearly 1 million incidents of herpes zoster, which is also known as shingles, occur every year in the US, with an estimated one-third of all adults affected by age 80. Despite its prevalence, particularly between ages 50 and 59, it is still unclear why some individuals will develop shingles, and…

Two types of electronic cigarettes have been tested by researchers who found that they damaged cells in ways that could lead to cancer. The damage occurred even with nicotine-free versions of the products.

Test results of a treatment for low libido are less than satisfying, but some could benefit.

The first complete model to describe the role that serotonin plays in brain development and structure has been created by researchers. Serotonin is an important neuromodulator of brain development and the structure and function of neuronal (nerve cell) circuits.

A new research discovery is opening a window on cell biology rarely seen before. The work has revealed a real-time look at how genetic information travels within a living cell. The discovery, observed through a specially designed high-powered microscope, significantly alters current understanding…

Both acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease were common in patients undergoing major vascular surgical procedures and were associated with an increase in long-term cardiovascular-specific death compared with patients with no kidney disease, according to a study.

Everybody knows that a buildup of the wrong kind of fats can cause cardiovascular disease. A new study in nematode worms and mice also finds that a protein that transports fats around the body can hinder protective processes in cells and affect life span.

Imagine standing on a basketball court, throwing the basketball and watching it arc into the net. Chances are you'll make that shot without a problem if you've been practicing, according to new research.

Using mobile phones for research is not new. However, interpreting the data collected from volunteers' own smart phones-which has the potential to emulate randomized trials-can advance research into human behavior. Scientists have just demonstrated the potential of using smart phones for conducting…

Photo: John Ohab 12 Days of Christmas The holiday season is upon us! In the spirit of the season, we've put together another edition of our ever popular annual 12 Days of Christmas Newsletter. Cheers! The SciStarter Team On the 1st Day of Christmas, Treezilla gave to me: A measuring tape around a…

We can learn to empathize with strangers. Surprisingly, positive experiences with people from another group trigger a learning effect in the brain, which increases empathy, researchers reveal. They add that only a handful of positive learning experiences already suffice for a person to become more…

Prohibiting runway models from participating in fashion shows or photo shoots if they are dangerously thin would go a long way toward preventing serious health problems among young women -- including anorexia nervosa and death from starvation -- according to experts.

Field study of police lineups suggests courts must pay attention to initial witness confidence ratings and police departments should continue using traditional, simultaneous procedure.

Examination of thousands of genes from nearly 150 human brains shows the circadian rhythm of brain gene activity changes with aging, according to a first-of-its-kind study.

Inorganic mercury, which was previously thought to be a less harmful form of the toxic metal, is very damaging to key cell processes, new research demonstrates.

Those who commute home after working the night shift may be at high risk for drowsy driving crashes because of disruption to their sleep-wake cycles and insufficient sleep during the night

Although medical science has long regarded sudden cardiac arrest as a deadly condition that strikes without warning, a new study shows for the first time that many patients experience warning symptoms up to a month before having a cardiac arrest.

After observing that some gastrointestinal disease in premature human and mouse infants progresses only when certain immune system white blood cells go into inflammatory overdrive, researchers have found that giving large doses of vitamin A to mice converts those blood cells into inflammation…

Family-level preventive intervention can lead to improved behavioral health outcomes for military families affected by wartime deployment, a new study reports. Results highlight significant reductions in anxiety and depression symptoms among deployed parent, home-based parent and their children…

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