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For the first time, scientists can observe the first two to three days of a mouse embryo's life, as it develops from a fertilized egg up to the stage when it would implant in its mother's uterus, thanks to a new light sheet microscope.

LupuzorTM may become the first specific and non-immunosuppressant therapy for lupus, a disabling autoimmune disease that is currently incurable. This peptide is the subject of a patent (granted in 2009) and has already successfully completed phases I and II of its regulatory clinical trials.

The first broad spectrum drug that can potently kill senescent (or aging) cells in culture, and effectively clear the cells in animals by specifically targeting a pathway that is critical for the survival of senescent cells, has been discovered by a research team.

Dogs and cats are increasingly seen as being a crucial member of a traditional family, but aside from the companionship and love you receive from your pet… can they also make you appear sexier?

A dazzling new method of visualizing neurons has been discovered that promises to benefit neuroscientists and cell biologists alike: by using spectral confocal microscopy to image tissues impregnated with silver or gold.

New research provides a suite of measurements that could replace conventional measures of age, supporting smarter policies for retirement and health care.

Among adults with difficult to treat Crohn's disease not amenable to surgery, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, compared with conventional therapy, did not result in significant improvement in sustained disease remission at l year and was associated with significant toxicity, according to a…

Researchers reveal mayor players in the severe muscle damage caused by sepsis, or septicemia, which explains why many patients suffer debilitating muscle impairment long-term after recovery. They propose a therapeutic approach based on mesenchymal stem cell transplantation, which has produced…

Adding calcium, Vitamin D and prebiotic dietary fibre to a beverage made of whey can have huge health benefits for those who drink it, team of scientists has discovered.

Offenders sentenced to forensic psychiatric care do not consider their mental illness to be the main reason for their crime. Instead, they point to abuse, poverty or anger toward a particular person.

A gene variant linked to psychotic symptoms and cognitive impairment in people with bipolar disorder has been discovered by researchers. The study describes a possible mechanism for how the gene variant produces clinical symptoms by affecting levels of specific proteins in the brain.

A rigorous evaluation of survival rates has shown that cancer patients with localised prostate cancer -- the most common form of prostate cancer -- have a better chance of survival if treated by surgery than by radiotherapy. This is the most robust analysis (meta-analysis) to date of published…

New and rare insights into the way ghrelin communicates with the central nervous system could help scientists find an effective pharmacological approach to tackle obesity.

Across the US, families of troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots are emailing photos of their holiday feasts to their loved ones overseas -- and asking them to respond with pictures of their own holiday celebrations. The strategy is part of a program aimed at easing the wear and…

When we speak, we 'leak' information about our social identity through the nuanced language that we use to describe others, according to new research. This research shows that people can infer a speaker's social identity (e.g., political party affiliation) from how the speaker uses abstract or…

A new system that facilitates data and biospecimen sharing among cancer centers may speed cancer research findings from the laboratory to patient care, according to a new study.

MRI shows brain damage in a surprisingly high percentage of active duty military personnel who suffered blast-related mild traumatic brain injury, according to a new study.

The amygdala, a small structure in the brain, is associated with charitable giving and positive social behavior, not just fear, new research demonstrates.

The presence or absence of the CAP2 gene causes sudden cardiac death in mice. In particular, the absence of the gene interrupts the animal's ability to send electrical signals to the heart to tell it to contract, a condition called cardiac conduction disease. Since humans have the same CAP2 gene,…

The gene p53 has been described as the 'guardian of the genome' due to its prominent role in preventing genetic mutations. More than half of all cancers are thought to originate from p53 mutations or loss of function, and now a recent study explains why.

Want to lose weight? Then make sure you're thinking about more than just the numbers on the scale when choosing your workout. A new study suggests that when people look forward to or back on an activity, they tend to underestimate how important it is to actually enjoy doing it. The finding may help…

A novel way to enhance and restore cancer suppressor activity in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia has been uncovered by researchers. This work results in better outcomes in a pre-clinical model of the disease.

Researchers compared mutation rates in sperm and eggs for multi-sibling families, confirming that fathers contribute more mutations to their children than mothers. They revealed for the first time that the rate at which mutations in sperm accumulate with age varies from father to father.

A childhood family breakup can have long-term negative consequences for the children. Recent research looks at overall health, depression, and smoking as a health-related behavior and finds that, for girls, all three are worse.

Sensitivity to sweet taste varies widely across school-aged children and is in part genetically-determined, new research suggests. The findings may inform efforts to reduce sugar consumption and improve nutritional health of children.

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