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More and more adults are entering their golden years alone, either through gray divorce, or by choosing to stay unmarried, and for older women, Social Security benefits often aren't enough to stave off poverty.

There needs to be a better understanding of how conservation and aid projects in developing countries impact the people they are designed to help, researchers say. Millions of dollars have been spent on integrated conservation and development projects that are aimed at improving people's lives in…

Several recent high-profile incidents involving police use of deadly force have resulted in increased scrutiny of officer behavior and police-community relations. While the use of body-worn cameras on police to address these issues has been endorsed by the media, government, social activists, and…

For the first time ever in a study of the living human brain as it responds to outside stimuli, an Israeli doctoral candidate recently completed a quantitative analysis of how neuronal avalanches arise from the balance between two fundamental electrochemical forces mediated on the level of neural…

Radiation therapy: A chilling word that creates images of burn-injuries where the cancer killing ray went through the skin. For decades research hospitals have been investigating the alternative method Hadron therapy, or particle therapy, where runaway cells are bombarded with 'naked' atomic nuclei…

A new study finds some surprising ways in which women's health at midlife is connected to when they had their first child and to their marital history.

New research has revealed four reasons why our relationship with Facebook is complicated. The results of a new study highlight the complexities involved in people's ongoing decisions about how to use, or not use, social media.

Exposure to farm animals in early childhood modifies the key allergy-related immunological mechanisms, shows a recent study, which provides new insight into the role of dendritic cells and cytokine production in particular.

The right blend of polymers enables rapid and molecule-selective filtering of tiny particles from water, say scientists. A method of fabricating polymer membranes with nanometer-scale holes that overcomes some practical challenges has been demonstrated by the researchers.

New research could lead to new treatments to prevent blockages and urinary tract infections experienced by many long-term catheter users. Up to 50 per cent of long-term catheter users experience encrustations and subsequent blockage, which result in severe trauma and pain for the individual and…

Using olive or sunflower oil on new born babies' skin damages the barrier which prevents water loss and blocks allergens and infections, new research has found.

Irradiated white blood cells release substances that reduce the severity of the damage caused by a heart attack or stroke and in spinal injuries and have a positive effect upon tissue repair, new research shows. However, up until now it wasn't known exactly which particular substances were…

Nearly 40 percent of parents say that they alone -- not their teen -- would ask doctors questions about health issues. A new article outlines the picture of helicopter parenting in the doctor's office.

Providing help to friends, acquaintances, and even strangers can mitigate the impact of daily stressors on our emotions and our mental health, according to new research.

While most Down syndrome research has focused on the brain, a new report by Johns Hopkins University biologists uncovers how the disorder hampers a separate part of the nervous system that plays a key role in health and longevity.

As the drug touted as 'the female Viagra' comes to market, researchers are learning more about how the drug, called flibanserin, affects the brain.

DNA sequencing shifts focus from neurons to metabolism.

Young children who are underweight experienced greater weight recovery the earlier an intervention was started, and the recovery was more significant in children with multiple household risk factors, according to a study.

Chagas disease is caused by a parasitic protozoan (Trypanosoma cruzi) and transmitted via triatomine insects known locally in Texas as 'kissing bugs.' Due to the success of community based triatomine surveillance and collection in Central and South America, researchers set up a citizen science…

A computer model that identifies the parts of a person's brain responsible for epileptic seizures could be used to design personalized surgical procedures, researchers say.

Getting enough sleep is an essential part of any athlete's training program, but a new study reveals intensive bouts of exercise can make it hard to get 40 winks. Suspecting that intense exercise can lead to sleep disturbance, scientists studied the effects of two nine day periods of heavy training…

Researchers found that food labels influence the perception of flavor. Light products are considered less tasty. Researchers at a flavor lab organized a flavor experiment with young Gouda cheese for a test audience of 129 people. Without knowing it, the participants tasted the same cheese several…

Biomedical startup company Biom? is offering a synthetic bone equivalent used for bone restoration operations in odontology. The bone equivalent Cell'in is made from cellulose/hydroxyapatite composite. The analogical products in global market are usually created on the basis of synthetic polymers.

Scientists have developed a device that electronically stimulates tear production, which will offer hope to sufferers of dry eye syndrome, one of the most common eye diseases in the world.

Switzerland has honest students: The vast majority of the students that were questioned were against pharmacological cognitive enhancement. Yet the topic should be addressed more actively by the universities, according to new research.

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