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Quantum Relativistic Imaginization- part1

Outward Space

  • Think of surrounding; there is N number of objects around. All acquainted to us. Almost all with normal sizes and shapes .Occasionally we encounter “larger” objects. Think about space which contains this objects.e.g computer on table, table in room. We ourselves are objects in our own surrounding. The dimensions of object we talk about are relative to us. Who decided size of Meter, Kilometer, centimtere so on and so forth?
  • Think about space beyond the room, is it a building? May be it holds many rooms like the one which we have been sitting in. What is outside building? May be its community, an area of town, a town by itself. Imagine the size, its huge “relatively”,. There are other areas of town, a park, a river? Number of roads and cross roads, Number of vehicle moving on those roads. Imagine how would be the situation right now. Imagine in all directions step by step. Then try to imagine all at once, may be with lesser details.Similarly a size of City, township, State, Country, which holds number of people like us, number of rooms like we have been sitting in.
  • Imagine that you are travelling in fast forward mode, with very high speed in all directions of country step by step. You reach end point- the border – and return to where you are, then next direction. Imagine travelling in all directions simultaneously. Imagine your mind splits into multiple pieces and each piece then scans till end of the direction inside the boundary of country.
  • Imagine you don’t specifically have any restriction in crossing domestic borders; potentially you can travel fast across multiple continents. Now you automatically return to your point of start being on the surface of ellipsoid earth. Imagine you enter multiple countries and come out fast then next country. May be you travel over sea, or even you can take dip inside it and travel underwater, wherever possible. Once you have completed one path in one direction take new direction for doing the same. You can see different times at different locations. May be you started in noon from origin. However when you reach certain country, time there is different, may be its night there .In next country there is morning. Essentially the nature is same, so every morning is just like morning at your place. This is just like travelling long in plane to different country.
    While travelling in imagination on the surface of earth, you are also moving physically from point to point in space. The earth is rotating, very fast and moving around sun yet faster. So if you are seen from long away distance you are taking very complex spiral paths when you are travelling. Imagine the rotations and movements. All effect together
  • Imagine you are able to travel in multiple directions, simultaneously. In one direction sun is setting, in other its midnight, in yet other region there is sunrise. You can then imagine that you are taking off in a rocket which is going to orbit the earth fast. So it gets elevated to certain level and you can see the blue earth surface. As you travel fast you can see various continents on earth. Your elevation goes on and you can see earth as planet. You are now moving around the planet through rocket, as long as you wishImagine that suddenly you move away from earth and start travelling fast outward. You can now perceive the solar system in which earth resides. You can imagine how the scene looks? Its only some lighted spots in overall darkness, moving slowly away from youOn your way, you can see many bright, lighted galaxies, Nebulas and other exotic cosmic material
    As you move rapidly away you can see that it’s again an ellipsoid, the universe.
  • It is expanding at the speed of light like a balloon being blown.Assume that you are a particle of light, you can move along with universal expansion, you can stand on border and lead the expansion. This expansion has started billions of years back. When it started it was just a point ,11. However universe is expanding into what, probably there is nothing outside, logical thinking broken down , there may or may not be slow down. Possibly the idea of it is being too big is not true, still today its only point. It is just this dynamical movement across certain dimension which gives a feeling of expanding into big. Imagine the entire thing is just point and cyclical movement into set of dimensions, to again reach the same point. So the space is just a kind of shadow- Imagine!


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