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More than 200,000 crashes involved debris on US roadways over the past four years, a new report announces. About two-thirds of debris-related crashes are the result of items falling from a vehicle due to improper maintenance and unsecured loads.

People who drive cars as their main form of transport are on average heavier than those who cycle, according to an ongoing Europe-wide study.

Chemotherapy treatment during pregnancy may affect the future fertility of unborn baby girls, a study suggests. Researchers have found that a drug called etoposide can damage the development of mouse ovary tissue grown in the lab.

In a global study of myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness and fatigue, researchers found that surgical removal of an organ called the thymus reduced patients' weakness, and their need for immunosuppressive drugs.

Computation of motion by T4 cells in the fly brain more complex than previously believed.

For the first time, researchers have revealed the nanostructure of the mesoporous magnesium carbonate Upsalite and pore size control was achieved without organic templates or swelling agents. By controlling the pore structure of the material the amorphous phase stabilization exerted on poorly…

Whether violent video games influence the behavior of youth has been a debate that has split the academic community for years. A new study investigates this issue in a sample of 304 children in the United Kingdom.

A group of experts on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders has produced proposed clinical guidelines for diagnosing FASD, which can result when a mother drinks during pregnancy. The proposed guidelines include a new definition of documented prenatal alcohol exposure, guides to evaluating facial and…

Adding livestock to poor households in developing countries such as Zambia is shown to improve their financial status, but how the addition of milk and meat to their diet effects their nutrition has not been studied. New research finds that adding a small amount of milk and meat to the diet…

'Open' adoptions, or adoptions in which adoptive families have ongoing interactions with the birth family are becoming more popular. Now, communication researchers are studying the benefits of open adoptions. Their recent study shows that open adoptions in which communication is encouraged, can…

Scientists have devised a way to destroy blood stem cells in mice without using chemotherapy or radiotherapy, both of which have toxic side effects. The new procedure could clear the way for patients to receive blood stem cells from donors more safely.

Care for critically-ill patients with shock could be improved, it is hoped, after the first successful testing of a new machine to record oxygen consumption in real time. The new device combines laser spectroscopy and precise flow measurement of breath in a single medical device which fits into a…

Researchers say they have identified a new disease gene that, when mutated, appears to increase the risk in a small number of people of developing emphysema and a lung-scarring condition known as pulmonary fibrosis.

Increased levels of a molecule in the brain, called hypocretin, may contribute to cocaine addiction, a new study suggests. The research shows that blocking hypocretin may reduce compulsive drug-seeking behavior in rat models of cocaine addiction.

A new study maps out abnormal signaling pathways in prostate cancer cells and provides computational approaches to identify individualized targets for therapy.

A new type of blood test has been launched that will be used to predict adverse cardiovascular events in patients with progressing coronary artery disease (CAD). The test measures blood concentrations of plasma ceramides, a class of lipids that are highly linked to cardiovascular disease processes.

Experimental psychologists have developed their own magic trick to explore human perception. 32 percent of people were convinced by a magician that they'd just seen an object disappear, even though there was no object, evidence of the power of expectation in overriding our senses.

The Mediterranean diet can improve your mind, as well your heart, shows a new study.

It is known that people who have attempted suicide have ongoing inflammation in their blood and spinal fluid. Now, a collaborative study shows that suicidal patients have a reduced activity of an enzyme that regulates inflammation and its byproducts.

Researchers developed a computational algorithm to analyze 'Big Data' obtained from tumor samples to better understand and treat cancer.

Are lower levels of physical activity among African-American teens related to hair care? A new study has centralized itself around this very question.

Previous research has found that bisphenol S (BPS), a chemical used in the manufacture of plastic bottles and other products, is as harmful to the reproductive system as bisphenol A (BPA), which BPS replaced. Research suggests that BPS can damage a woman's eggs - and at lower doses than BPA.

In a tumor's pre-clinical stages, certain immune cells can recognize changes that make these cells behave as cancerous cells and attempt to launch an immune attack. However, the T cells that are recognizing these 'driver' mutations in the tumor are rapidly turned off and then permanently silenced,…

Scientists have discovered the mechanism of the platelet programmed cell death, resulting in acceleration of the blood coagulation process by a factor of 1,000 to 10,000.

An evolutionary historian has determined that the region of origin of ancestors contributes to descendants' risk of developing certain medical conditions.

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