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No matter a person's skill level, taking time to make art is likely to reduce their stress hormone levels, a new study found.

Scientists have developed a software program enabling them to quickly compare sets of DNA of microorganisms living in different environments. The researchers have already suggested exactly how the new program could be applied in practice. Using the algorithm to compare the microflora of a healthy…

Early-stage breast cancer patients receiving a shorter course of whole breast radiation with higher radiation doses per fraction reported equivalent cosmetic, functional and pain outcomes over time as those receiving a longer, lower-dose per fraction course of treatment, according to researchers.

Combining two emerging large-scale technologies for the first time -- multiplexed mass spectrometry and a mouse population with a high level of natural genetic diversity -- researchers can crack an outstanding question in biology and medicine: how genetic variants affect protein levels.

A newly discovered mechanism helps explain how antibiotics change the gut microbiota, increasing nutrients that benefit the growth of pathogens, like Salmonella.

For patients with low flow aortic stenosis, TAVR -- a minimally invasive procedure which corrects the damaged aortic valve -- is often the best option for restoring the heart's normal pumping function. However, approximately one-third of these patients treated with TAVR continue to suffer…

Overeating reduces levels of a hormone that signals the feeling of fullness in the brain, potentially promoting more eating, new research indicates.

Scientists have developed a powerful new method for finding drug candidates that bind to specific proteins, an advance that can be applied to a large set of proteins at once, even to the thousands of distinct proteins directly in their native cellular environment.

Drinking coffee isn't going to give you cancer, but they way you drink it might. Those are the findings of 23 scientists from 10 countries who reviewed roughly 1,000 studies looking at the long-debated link between drinking coffee and getting certain types of cancer. They found no basis for the…

A batch of muffins, made with a special recipe formulated by the US Department of Agriculture, yielded unexpected health benefits in patients with metabolic syndrome during a first-of-its-kind clinical study. The study compared polyunsaturated fats with monounsaturated fats as a substitute for…

A new study sheds light on the toxicity of the pesticides related to Parkinson's while also suggesting a strategy that may help protect against the disease.

A small-molecule inhibitor of the Notch pathway has been discovered by scientists, paving the way for a potential new class of personalized cancer medicines. Aberrant activity in the Notch pathway contributes to the initiation and maintenance of cancer stem cells.

Fetal exposure to commonly used SRI drugs may affect brain activity in newborns, new research shows. The researchers suggest that the effects of drugs on fetal brain function should be assessed more carefully. Furthermore, indications for preventive medication should be critically evaluated, and…

This inflammatory viral infection of the liver causes inflexible scar tissue to form. This in turn impedes blood flow through the organ, with resulting hypertension in the portal vein. Portal hypertension is responsible for most of the lethal complications of liver cirrhosis. A research group has…

A team of researchers has helped identify key characteristics that distinguish reserve stem cells from other stem cell populations that had been purported to have similar properties. The work, which employed single-cell gene expression analyses as well as other cutting-edge techniques, demonstrated…

Drinking piping hot coffee, tea and the caffeine-infused beverage yerba mate probably causes cancer, the World Health Organization has announced.

Targeted intervention helps improve follow-up rates by more than 70 percent for newborns who fail initial hearing screenings at birth hospitals, scientists have found.

In this blog post, Dr. Craig Hopp speaks to the necessity of using high-impact research approaches to uncover the biological signatures of complex natural products.

The use of Camelid antibodies has important implications for future development of reagents for diagnosis and therapeutics in diseases involving a group of enzymes called serine proteases, report scientists.

As young people reach adulthood, their preferences for sweet foods typically decline. But a research team has found that for people with obesity, the drop-off may not be as steep, and the brain's reward system may be operating differently.

In the future, several illnesses can be quickly and painlessly diagnosed by the optical analysis of isotopes contained in exhaled air. With a new prototype device, researchers say that it is possible to determine painlessly and with absolute certainty during the appointment whether the patient's…

Long-acting opioids are associated with a significantly increased risk of death when compared with alternative medications for moderate-to-severe chronic pain, according to a new study.

Although math skills are considered notoriously hard to improve, researchers boosted kindergarteners' arithmetic performance simply by exercising their intuitive number sense with a quick computer game.

One in every 26 men with arthritis have attempted suicide compared to one in 50 men without arthritis. Women with arthritis also had a higher prevalence of lifetime suicide attempts than women without arthritis (5.3 percent vs. 3.2 percent), according to a recent study.

Metastatic ovarian cancer patients treated with chemotherapy prior to surgery had altered immune cells in their tumors, and specific alterations identified suggest that immunotherapy given after chemotherapy may help in preventing the cancer from coming back.

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