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Scientists have provided strong evidence that the arrangement of synaptic connections within the dendritic field supports an active role for dendrites in cortical processing and that these dendritic computations shape how neurons encode visual information.

Do ambulatory patients who present in office settings with hypertensive urgency -- systolic blood pressure (BP) at least 180mm HG and diastolic BP at least 110 mm Hg -- do better when they are referred to the hospital or when they have their BP managed in an outpatient setting?

Lack of transportation is a hurdle for many Texas families whose children could benefit from free meals, according to the Texas Hunger Initiative.

A new study found that after restricting sleep to 5 hours per night, caffeine use no longer improved alertness or performance after three nights. Results show that relative to placebo, caffeine significantly improved Psychomotor Vigilance Task performance during the first two days, but not the last…

A new study found that chronic sleep restriction negatively affects athletic performance. Results show that following sleep restriction, energy expenditure during submaximal exercise decreased 3.9 percent; maximal aerobic power decreased 2.9 percent and time to exhaustion decreased by 10.7 percent…

For the first time, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has released official consensus recommendations for the amount of sleep needed to promote optimal health in children and teenagers to avoid the health risks of insufficient sleep.

In the midst of an epidemic of prescription painkiller addiction and overdose deaths, a new survey suggests that more than half of patients prescribed opioids have leftover pills -- and many save them to use later.

The rate of PTSD and depression is high among active military members, but stigma often prevents them from seeking care from a mental health specialist. A new study finds that treating such patients in primary care settings with a program that includes specially trained nurses and telephone therapy…

Proper maternal folate levels during pregnancy may protect children from a future risk of obesity, especially those born to obese mothers, according to a new study.

Participants who received a recombinant therapy— the present standard in the United States — developed antibodies or "inhibitors" to the treatments at almost twice the rate as those whose treatments were made from human plasma, new research shows.

Infection prevention bundles, a package of evidence-based guidelines implemented in unison, are effective for reducing central line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSI) in critical care newborn infants, according to a new study. The bundle helped reduce the number of lines placed, the…

A new nano-fabricated platform for observing brain cancer cells provides a much more detailed look at how the cells migrate and a more accurate post-surgery prognosis for brain cancer (glioblastoma) patients.

Immune-system frailty in adults 65 and older is a widespread public health issue. A study now points to new cells that may hold a solution.

The science of breeding chickens has revealed part of the mystery of how certain female animals are able to store sperm long-term. Droplets of fat transferred from female cells to sperm cells may contribute to keeping sperm alive. A scientific understanding of how sperm can be kept viable longer…

Researchers investigating the short and long-term effects of ischemic stroke in a rodent model have found that stroke can cause long-term damage to the blood-spinal cord barrier, which provides a specialized protective 'microenvironment' for neural cells in the spinal cord, creating a 'toxic…

Is beauty only skin deep? Children don't seem to think so, like adults and babies, children think the uglier you are, the less trustworthy you are.

Researchers have analyzed data from large metagenomic datasets (e.g., the Human Microbiome Project and Student Microbiome Project) to look at the dynamics of the gut, mouth and skin microbiomes of healthy subjects.

The triggers of autoimmune inflammation in multiple sclerosis (MS) have eluded scientists for many years, but molecular imaging is bringing researchers closer to identifying them, while providing a means of evaluating next-generation therapies for MS.

Malignant neuroendocrine tumors are relatively rare, notoriously difficult to treat, and associated with poor long-term survival. An investigative blood test could predict how patients will respond to peptide receptor radionuclide therapy before they commit to a course of treatment.

An emerging cancer therapy has colorectal tumors surrounded. A novel radioimmunotherapy combines a cancer-seeking antibody with potent radionuclide agents, resulting in complete remission of colorectal cancer in mouse models.

Alcoholism is a devastating disorder that too often leads to a perpetual cycle of abuse. An emerging molecular imaging technique may provide a way to break that cycle. It could signal patients' heightened risk and lead to targeted drug treatments that reduce the compulsion to drink.

An Australian study has cast doubt on the effectiveness of the tools used by medical professionals to assess suicide risk in mental health patients, prompting calls for a review of the allocation of resources based on the assessments.

Half of people newly infected with HIV experience neurologic issues, research shows. These neurologic findings are generally not severe and usually resolve after participants started anti-retroviral therapy.

A new report describes the structural properties of complex model membranes after the interaction with beta-amyloid peptides, involved in Alzheimer's disease, opening the way to the identification of new drug targets.

Tiny molecular scaffolding that joins molecules together could be the key to our battle against antibiotic resistance. Research shows that carbon nanodot scaffolding assembled with small molecules called polyamines can kill some dangerous drug-resistant bacteria, including Acinetobacter baumanii…

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