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The more children are spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents and to experience increased anti-social behavior, aggression, mental health problems and cognitive difficulties, according to a new meta-analysis of 50 years of research on spanking.

A new infection alert system in catheters could prevent serious infections in millions of hospital patients worldwide. The system changes the color of the urine so patients and carers can see easily if bacteria are starting to block the catheter.

Researchers studied the NFL to determine if the so-called "acolyte effect" that makes protégés of successful head coaches successful in turn is real.

An association between financials stress and severe domestic abuse has been discovered by researchers, however, the discovery doesn't prove that one leads to the other.

Hearing socially meaningful sounds can change the ear and enable it to better detect those sounds, according to researchers who studied the phenomenon in green treefrogs.

Changing climate conditions—including warmer temperatures and an increased frequency of heavy rainstorms—represent "an emerging threat to public health in Michigan," according to a new report from university researchers and state health officials.

Restrictions on alcohol availability may be an important crime-control policy, given that alcohol availability appears to influence crime by increasing consumption and alcohol-induced impulsivity. In 2003, Pennsylvania repealed its Sunday alcohol-sales ban for a portion of its state-run liquor…

Motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) are the leading cause of death among U.S. teens. In 2012, 184,000 young drivers were injured in MVCs, and 23 percent of young drivers (15 - 20 years old) involved in fatal MVCs had consumed alcohol. One policy that may reduce alcohol-use behaviors and impaired driving…

One of the challenges in evaluating the effectiveness of alcohol treatment is determining what constitutes a "good" outcome or meaningful improvement. While abstinence at the end of treatment is clearly a good outcome, a focus on abstinence ignores the benefits of patients reducing their drinking…

The beliefs and expectations of people with diabetic foot ulcers about their illness have a significant independent effect on their survival, new research by health psychologists has shown.

In their search for the optimal path to greatness, some athletes believe that the path should be clear of all obstacles, while others say that such challenges are instrumental to talent development. Now, a recent study suggests that what really distinguishes champions is how they face and overcome…

Alcohol-induced blackouts, defined as memory loss of all or a portion of events that occurred during a drinking episode, are reported by approximately 50 percent of drinkers, and are associated with a wide range of negative consequences, including injury and death. Identifying the factors that…

For the first time in history, researchers have isolated the parts of the human genome that could explain the differences in how humans experience happiness. These are the findings of a large-scale international study in over 298,000 people.

Pre-pregnancy obesity and excessive weight gain during pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of the child becoming overweight at age two, research shows. The study also found breastfeeding for at least six months helped reduce the likelihood of a child being overweight at age two.

Older adults who used a hearing aid performed significantly better on cognitive tests than those who did not use a hearing aid, despite having poorer hearing, new research indicates.

Scientists have solved a decades-old medical mystery by finally identifying a previously unknown molecule which is attacked by the immune system in people with Type 1 diabetes.

Irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and anorexia nervosa may all have a common origin, according to researchers. They speculate that all three disorders may be caused by antibodies to the body's own nerve cells because of a mistake by the immune system following infection.

A malaria "Candy Crush" to research new diagnostic tools involving citizen participation has been developed by researchers. Called MalariaSpot Bubbles, the video game not only allows players to learn, but also to participate in the research of new tools for collaborative diagnosis online.

An international research team describes the methods of winding up molecules into screw-shaped structures. With the aid of artificial molecules, the researchers imitated the principles underlying the assigning a specific function to biomolecules in nature. Giving artificial molecules a specific…

Fish oil, cocoa extract and phytosterols could offer new hope in fight against heart disease, suggest scientists. Current therapies against atherosclerosis are not fully effective and there have been numerous recent disappointments on promising agents that have been identified through various drug…

Researchers working in the field of synthetic biology use components that occur in nature and combine them in a new way. This is how bacteria acquire functions that they hadn't previously possessed, they report, adding that their method offers great potential for biotechnology.

Young and single men are at risk of being addicted to video games. The addiction indicates an escape from ADHD and psychiatric disorder, suggests a new study.

A 'Mediterranean' diet, high in fruit, vegetables, fish and unrefined foods, is linked to a lower risk of heart attack and stroke in people who already have heart disease, according to a study of over 15,000 people in 39 countries around the world. The research also showed that eating greater…

A new anti-biofilm nano coating has been developed by a team of researchers. Their solution addresses a pervasive need to design environmentally friendly materials to impede dangerous surface bacteria growth, they say, holding potential for averting biofilm formed by surface-anchored bacteria.

A group of researchers has revealed their finding that the molecular mechanism that Vibrio cholerae, the etiological agent of cholera, is attracted by bile. This group has also successfully detected the ligand binding to the bacteria chemoreceptor in vivo for the first time. These results may…

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