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Delaying radiation therapy too long after surgery significantly increases the risk of recurrent tumors in women treated for very early, or what is referred to as 'stage 0,' breast cancer, according to new research.

Indoor pollution from smoke, building materials and spores kills millions each year, say researchers. New work offers insight into 'Sick Building Syndrome' and how new smart cities could help combat air quality issues. Lack of real-time air pollution data hinders simple safety precautions that…

States that expanded Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act saw a significant increase in rates of health insurance among low-income adults compared with states that did not expand the program, researcher have found. They also found improved quality of coverage, more frequent use of health…

Parents outperform even sophisticated measurement systems in emergency departments when it comes to estimating their children's body weight, according to the results of a systematic review of the literature on pediatric weight estimation.

Harsh parenting may increase a child's risk for poor physical health and obesity as they get older, new research indicates. And attempts by one parent to counterbalance the harsh behavior are not always effective in lessening that risk.

'Monovision' -- a simple technique borrowed from ophthalmology that dates to the monocle of the Victorian Age -- can improve user performance in virtual reality environments, scientists report.

Two novel biological measuring systems have been developed that facilitate better analysis of disease-relevant changes in the oxidation state of cells. One of the methods can be used, for the first time, to observe variations and changes in cellular oxidation states in tissue sections. The other is…

Almost half of long-stay nursing home residents experience at least one transfer to an ED over course of a year regardless of cognitive status. Only about a third of these individuals were subsequently admitted to the hospital, new research shows.

The paired limbs of humans, and before that the paired fins of fish, evolved from the transformation of gill arches in early fish, scientists say, presenting genetic evidence for this theory.

The number of children in foster care across the country is driven not solely by child abuse and neglect, but by states' varying politics and approaches to social problems, a new study finds.

Currently, seasonal flu vaccines are designed to induce high levels of protective antibodies against hemagglutinin (HA), a protein found on the surface of the influenza virus that enables the virus to enter a human cell and initiate infection. New research found that higher levels of antibody…

An increase in women with breast cancer choosing double mastectomy may be influenced by media coverage of celebrities, a new study finds.

The flu and other viral infections have long been known to cause mood changes, beyond the more familiar symptoms of fever and sore throat. A study in mice now reveals how the antiviral immune response alters brain activity. Upon infection, brain cells lining blood vessels produce a protein called…

Adult circulating monocytes that get access to the macrophage niche in the liver or the lung can acquire identical tissue-specific macrophage functions and self-maintenance capacities as macrophages of embryonic origin, scientists have discovered. This paves the way towards monocyte-based cellular…

In an effort to qualify the process of investing in corporate sustainability, researchers examined two major international apparel brands, Nike and Adidas, to determine the paths taken to reach corporate sustainability. They found that while both companies are currently models of corporate…

A phase 1 trial has been conducted to evaluate the tolerability and immunogenicity of two candidate Ebola vaccines, an adenovirus type 26 vector vaccine (Ad26.ZEBOV), and a modified Ankara vector vaccine (MVA-BN-Filo).

Glance out the window and then close your eyes. Maybe you noticed it's raining and there was a man carrying an umbrella. Did you catch the shape of its handle? Probably not. Some neuroscientists would say that your eyes still capture everything in front of you. But there are flaws to this logic,…

A link between higher intake of dietary saturated fat, a type of fat found commonly in foods such as fatty beef and cheese, and risk of aggressive prostate cancer has been identified by a research team.

A recent study has identified specific intake levels of xanthohumol, a natural flavonoid found in hops, that significantly improved some of the underlying markers of metabolic syndrome in laboratory animals and also reduced weight gain.

A new method for detecting DNA mutations in a single cancer cell has been announced. This is in comparison to current technology that analyzes millions of cells which they believe could have important applications for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Specific psychological and social work factors were associated with sleep problems both concurrently and two years after exposure, indicating prolonged consequences, new research suggests. Results show that quantitative job demands, decision control, role conflict and support from a superior in the…

After a kidney transplant, women may experience decreased kidney damage from ischemia reperfusion injury compared to men due to the impact of gender-specific hormones, suggests a new preclinical study and an analysis of patient data .

Dark chocolate has already been hailed for its positive effects on cardiovascular health – and now a new study has found the tasty treat could help give sports enthusiasts an extra edge in their fitness training.

By analyzing accounts of awe that result from seeing Earth from space, psychologists delve deep into the psychology of astronauts.

Watercress extract taken multiple times a day significantly inhibits the activation of a tobacco-derived carcinogen in cigarette smokers, researchers demonstrated in a phase II clinical trial.

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