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Poverty in the United States is often associated with deprivation, in areas including housing, employment, and education. Now a study has shown, in unprecedented geographic detail, another stark reality: Poor people live shorter lives, too.

Maryland's 2011 increase in the alcohol sales tax appears to have led to fewer purchases of beer, wine and liquor in the state, suggesting reduced alcohol use, new research indicates.

Patients with severe cases of kidney stones are 26 percent less likely to receive timely treatment when they're admitted to the hospital on the weekend, according to a new report. The study is the first to show that a risk factor called the 'weekend effect' affects kidney stone treatment and…

Whites with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in California receive more state funding than Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and others, new research has found.

A collaborative research team has found humanoid robotics and computer avatars could help rehabilitate people suffering from social disorders such as schizophrenia or social phobia. It is thanks to the theory of similarity, which suggests that it is easier to interact socially with someone who…

New research has uncovered a link between being married and living longer among cancer patients, with the beneficial effect of marriage differing by race/ethnicity and place of birth.

Custom-built targeted sequencing panel proves essential in hunt for people naturally resistant to severe disease.

An innovative collaboration between neuroscientists and developmental psychologists that investigated how infants' brains process other people's action provides the first evidence that directly links neural responses from the motor system to overt social behavior in infants.

It is possible to end the transmission of hepatitis B and C and prevent further sickness and deaths from the diseases, but time, considerable resources, and attention to various barriers will be required, says a new report.

When a targeted therapy blocks a pathway that enables tumors to grow, the cells usually manage to get around that obstacle. The result is drug resistance. Researchers have now found a way to map those alternate routes by studying individual cancer cells, suggesting approaches for developing more…

Scientists are pushing to restore human health in Western countries by changing our diet to restore the microbial species lost over the evolution of Western diet. Researchers advocate for strategically increasing dietary fiber intake as one path forward in regaining microbial biodiversity.

Smoking may cost more than the money smokers spend on cigarettes. A new study suggests unemployed smokers were less likely to get new jobs and when they did they earned an average of $5 less an hour.

Results of a small study of people with tingling pain in their hands and feet have added to evidence that so-called prediabetes is more damaging to motor nerves than once believed, report scientists.

A comparative, empirical study into the help-seeking behaviors of ethnic minority women in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong has been released by researchers.

Using your skin as a touchscreen has been brought a step closer after scientists successfully created tactile sensations on the palm using ultrasound sent through the hand.

Brazilian researchers have demonstrated the harmful effects of ZIKA virus (ZIKV) in human neural stem cells, neurospheres and brain organoids. Since ZIKV has been gradually established as a direct cause of central nervous system malformations, this study help to elucidate the etiological nature of…

A signaling molecule called interferon gamma could hold the key to understanding how harmful autoantibodies form in lupus patients. The finding could lead to new treatments for the chronic autoimmune disease, say researchers.

A pioneering study is being launched to investigate if a simple extra nutrient can boost male fertility. It is estimated that one in six couples are unable to conceive -- in about half of cases the problem is caused by poor sperm quality.

How does memory occur? And what about movement, or thinking? One key element to understand all these brain functions are the synapses. A synapse is the contact point between two neurons, where a signal is transmitted one-way, from one neuron to another. Now scientists report that they have created…

A new plant-derived drug can block the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), an international research team has demonstrated. MS is a chronic incurable condition marked by attacks that bring gradual deterioration in the patient's health. About 2.5 million people are affected worldwide.

Researchers followed ultra-marathon runners around the world to test whether low-cost paper tape could reduce debilitating and painful blisters. Turns out they can, the researchers report.

New insight into the signalling process of receptors in cells has been provided by new research. The team behind the research believe their findings could pave the way for a new generation of anti-diabetic drugs that are activated by the presence of either blue or ultra-violet light.

A study of four leading systems used to evaluate teacher preparation programs finds the initiatives lack evidence-based approaches and 'thin' on the advancement of equity in the classroom.

A new study backs up observations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients showing reduced effectiveness of symptom-reliever medication in flare-ups linked to cigarette smoking and infection with viruses such as influenza.

By spending less than $5 per person on essential health care services such as contraception, medication for serious illnesses and nutritional supplements, millions of maternal and child lives could be saved every year, according to a new analysis.

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