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Obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years nationwide. One expert says that the most effective approach to addressing weight loss in children are lifestyle-based modifications that involve parents.

How much would you be willing to pay to fix a facial defect? A new study has examined that question, and found that observers placed a premium on repairing large and central facial defects and were willing to pay less to repair small and peripheral facial defects.

Can prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening for prostate cancer be cost-effective? A study, commentary and author interview examine that question.

Researchers have discovered that touching rough surfaces increases awareness of discomfort in our surroundings, which can trigger empathy. This leads to more interest in donating to charities.

Normally, cells are highly active and dynamic: in their liquid interior, called the cytoplasm, countless metabolic processes occur in parallel, proteins and particles jiggle around wildly. If, however, those cells do not get enough nutrients, their energy level drops. During such unfavorable…

Head and neck cancer patients may no longer have to undergo invasive post-treatment surgery to remove remaining cancer cells, as research shows that innovative scanning-led surveillance can help identify the need for, and guidance of, neck dissection.

Post-traumatic stress disorder may decrease the ability of blood vessels to dilate, raising the risk of heart attack and stroke in veterans. Traditional risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and smoking, have not fully explained why people with PTSD seem to be at…

Providing expedited access to Medicaid to people with serious mental illness as they are released from prison increases their use of mental health and general medical services, but does not reduce criminal recidivism, according to new research.

How do neurons become neurons? They all begin as stem cells, undifferentiated and with the potential to become any cell in the body. Now neuroscientists document some of the first steps in the process by which a stem cell transforms into different cell types.

Although tuberculosis (TB) is commonly thought of as being a disease that mainly affects nineteenth century poets and Victor Hugo characters, it is still the second-most common cause of mortality from an infectious disease in the world, killing nearly three people every minute.

People are capable of multiple, simultaneous life changes, a new study suggests. Participants in the study were tested on a variety of factors, including physical fitness, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, working memory capacity, reading comprehension and more. They also underwent magnetic…

New lip-reading technology could help in solving crimes and provide communication assistance for people with hearing and speech impairments.

Renal fibrosis or the scarring of kidneys, following an injury, reduces their function and can cause kidney disease to progressively worsen. In a recent study, researchers have shown that drugs that target Wnt secretion by inhibiting Porcupine, a protein usually targeted for cancer treatment, may…

Parents of very premature babies are more worried about their grown up children's lives than mothers and fathers whose babies were born full term.

New research indicates that curcumin -- a substance in turmeric that is best known as one of the main components of curry powder -- may help fight drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Incretin-based drugs, a type of medication used to treat type 2 diabetes, do not increase the risk of being hospitalized for heart failure relative to commonly used combinations of oral anti-diabetic drugs, according to a new study.

A Community Health Worker model, shown to reduce admissions and lead to better health outcomes for hospitalized patients, can now be used in outpatient settings, according to a study.

Researchers are combining in vivo experimentation with computation for highly accurate prediction of the genome-wide binding pattern of a key protein involved in brain disorders.

Overweight and obese adults who are losing weight with a high-protein diet are more likely to sleep better, according to new research. The study also has studied how dietary protein quantity, sources and patterns affect appetite, body weight and body composition.

Higher concentrations of the common plastics chemical and environmental pollutant Bisphenol A, or BPA, in a pregnant mother's blood may be a contributing factor in preterm births, according to a new study.

A few years ago, nutritionists who had been experimenting with mobile-phone apps for recording caloric intake approached computer scientists with the idea of a spoken-language application that would make meal logging even easier. This week, the researchers are presenting a Web-based prototype of…

A new study has helped determine that UBE3A gene loss specifically from GABAergic neurons is what's critical for seizures in Angelman patients. But UBE3A loss from other neuron types may drive other phenotypes associated with the condition.

The types of gene mutations that contribute to autism are more diverse than previously thought, report researchers. The findings, they say, represent a significant advance in efforts to unravel the genetic basis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Like humans, fruit flies sleep at night, caffeine affects their sleep, and if they get a lousy night's sleep it can affect their memory performance. But what can they tell us about the connection between sleep deprivation and metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity? A lot, according to a new…

The presence of leptin -- a hormone secreted by fat cells that is critical to maintaining energy balance in the body -- inhibits the prenatal development of neuronal connections between the brain and pancreas, a new study reports. The findings could help explain the origin of type 2 diabetes,…

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