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Magnetic bits operating at one-millionth the energy of today's chips, say researchers.

People become more active, sleep better and reduce their sitting time when they retire, a new Australian study has shown. The differences were significant even after adjusting for factors such as age, sex, urban/rural residence, marital status and education. There was no significant association…

Building upon earlier research, investigators have identified a new innate immunity pathway that protects mammals from viral oncogenesis, the process by which viruses cause normal cells to become cancerous.

Preliminary results of a new project have brought bioinformatics closer to society, and highlighted the importance of the microbiome, with the participation of over 4,000 individuals. The results of the scientific study have revealed an initial oral microbiome map of young people, pointing to…

Genetic sequencing is in widespread use today, but until now has not been accurate enough to identify an antibody immune response. Now, thanks to a new control system based on genetic barcodes, the technique is far more reliable -- and ready for use in the development of vaccines and antibody drugs.

A new study evaluating the use of neurofeedback found a decrease in the experience of chronic pain and increase quality of life in patients with neuropathic pain, researchers report.

Brain maps of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) show different levels of connectivity between parts of the brain compared with typical individuals, scientists report.

NIRSIT, a functional near-infrared spectroscopy neuroimaging device, is set to change the landscape of neuroscience research and the medical sector by offering high spatial resolution as well as high temporal resolution in a portable and wireless manner.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given clearance to market and sell the powered lower-limb exoskeleton for both clinical and personal use in the United States.

A study shows an alarming decrease in financial awareness among Americans of retirement age. This is worrisome, say authors, because households aged 60 years and older control more than half of the wealth in the United States. Since fewer employers provide pensions than ever before, more people are…

Researchers have compared the effects of tai chi to leg strengthening exercises (a physical therapy called 'lower extremity training,' or LET) in reducing falls. After six months of training, people in the tai chi group were significantly less likely to experience an injury-causing fall than were…

While more consumers than ever are making healthier choices at the grocery store, they tend to purchase a balance of healthy and less-healthy foods, according to new research.

A therapeutic compound has been developed that is effective in inhibiting Plasmodium falciparum, one of five species of parasite that infects people with malaria, and the strain which causes the highest number of malaria deaths.

Individualized and family-based lifestyle counseling helps 6-8-year-old children increase their physical activity levels and improve their diet quality during a two-year follow-up, a recent Finnish study has shown.

Light therapy decreased depressive symptoms and normalized circadian rhythms among cancer survivors, according to researchers, who add that those exposed to a dim red light experienced no change in symptoms.

A highly sensitive biosensor based on a differential immuno-capture technology can detect sub-populations of white blood cells, scientists report. As part of a small, disposable biochip, the microfluidic biosensor can count CD4+/CD8+ T cells quickly and accurately for AIDS diagnosis in the field.

Genetic cues from male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes passed on during sex affect which genes are turned on or off in a females' reproductive tract post-mating, including genes related to blood feeding, egg development and immune defense, according to new research.The researchers believe such processes…

Experts take an in-depth look into a favorite college pastime -- binge drinking -- by understanding the dangers and risks of alcohol. Moderate drinking is defined as no more than one drink per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men, translating to seven or fewer drinks per week…

Researchers have discovered how the rat brain 's memory and executive hubs talk with each other as decision-making is informed by past experiences. Also, the rat brain encodes memories for location during periods of stillness via a separate system than for memories of activity.

People with type 2 diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may not experience improved glycemic control by using continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, as some studies have suggested, according to the results of a randomized, controlled trial.

In a large-scale study involving more than 6,000 fifth graders, an innovative science curriculum was found to have a positive impact on science learning for students with different levels of English proficiency.

Breastfeeding campaigns that extol breastfeeding as the 'natural' way to feed infants could result in harmful decision-making by some parents on other important health matters, according to experts, who warn that promoting breastfeeding in this way may indirectly undercut important health practices…

Brown adipose tissue (BAT), a major site for mammalian non-shivering thermogenesis, could be a target for prevention and treatment of human obesity. Transient receptor potential vanilloid 2 (TRPV2), a Ca2+-permeable cation channel, plays vital roles in the regulation of various cellular functions.…

Gun-related deaths in the US could be reduced by more than 80 percent if three laws implemented in some states were extended nationally, an analysis suggests.

Over nearly 25 years of follow-up, blacks had a higher risk of hypertension, diabetes, and kidney failure than whites, after adjustments. Most blacks with gene variants that have been linked to kidney disease experienced kidney function decline similar to blacks without the variants.

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