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You're at a crowded party, noisy with multiple conversations, music and clinking glasses. But when someone behind you says your name, you hear it and quickly turn in that direction. Researchers have now discovered how a bat's brain screens out sounds not worth paying attention to, and this this may…

Influenza is able to mask itself, so that the virus is not initially detected by our immune system, a new study shows. The researchers behind the study hope that the discovery can be used to develop better treatment against influenza and chronic inflammation conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers have made a sweeter version of thaumatin, a natural sweetener commonly used in 'diet' beverages, gummy, and jelly candies. Thaumatin, a protein derived from the fruit of an African tropical plant, is the sweetener of choice when it comes to "diet" beverages and gummy and jelly candies…

A path-breaking new study on how we seek similarity in relationships upends the idea that 'opposites attract,' instead suggesting we're drawn to people who are like-minded. The study could lead to a fundamental change in understanding relationship formation -- and it sounds a warning for the idea…

Among nearly 460 intensive care units (ICUs) in 50 countries, acute respiratory distress syndrome appeared to be underrecognized, undertreated, and associated with a high mortality rate, according to a study.

Updated definitions and clinical criteria for sepsis should facilitate earlier recognition and more timely management of patients with or at risk of developing sepsis, report clinicians.

Immune cells that normally help us fight off bacterial and viral infections may play a far greater role in Alzheimer's disease than originally thought, according to neurobiologists.

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) virus causes serious inflammation of the brain in people and fertility problems in pigs. Mosquitoes were previously the only known transmission route. However, the virus can also be spread from pig to pig by direct contact, and this could enable it to circulate in pigs…

Vaginal delivery is associated with approximately twofold increase in the risk of stress urinary incontinence compared to cesarean section. However, avoiding one case of at least moderate stress incontinence would require about a dozen cesarean sections, according to an extensive meta-analysis.

Keywords such as nano-, personalized-, or targeted medicine sound like bright future. What most people do not know, is that nanomedicines can cause severe undesired effects for actually being too big. Those modern medicines easily achieve the size of viruses which the body potentially recognizes as…

The underlying mechanism revealed for the formation and growth of a fundamental type of tissue – epithelial tubes. Defects in the architecture of epithelial tubes lead to diseases such as cholestasis, atherosclerosis and polycystic kidney disease. The research findings contribute towards a deeper…

The cells of an organism interact not only with each other but with the extracellular matrix that surrounds them. Now, a mechanism through which the cells of an organism interact with their extracellular matrix has been discovered by researchers.

The decision to give to charity or develop a more sustainable product should not depend solely on a corporation's bottom line, but it is certainly a factor. According to a new study, a strong marketing department is crucial to helping a firm leverage its efforts to be socially responsible.

Survivors of sexual abuse who seek guidance and support in online forums may be doing so because they find comfort in the relative anonymity the forums provide, which allows them to speak candidly about their experience and be direct in asking for help, researchers say.

Images of disease and suffering should move smokers to kick the habit – at least, that's the thinking behind graphic warning labels used on cigarette packages in much of the world, and maybe someday in the U.S.

Researchers present the first clinical study that provides evidence that an extended-release sialic acid supplement may stabilize muscle strength in patients with GNE myopathy (GNEM), a rare hereditary, progressive, adult-onset muscle disease.

A painful knee condition that affects more than one in eight active people has been treated effectively with a botulinum toxin injection and physiotherapy.

Given that earlier diagnoses have been found to be more beneficial for treating children on the autism spectrum, a team of researchers believes that universal screening in 18-24 month-old children remains essential, despite a federal task force deciding there is insufficient evidence to recommend…

Are your BFFs as disposable as your razors? According to a new study, the mindset that objects are disposable extends to social ties.

The lifestyle a person shares with their partner has a greater influence on their chances of becoming obese than their upbringing, research suggests.

For the first time, researchers have uncovered a unique ability in bats which allows them to carry but remain unaffected by lethal diseases.

Drivers more than double their crash risk for more than half of their trips when they choose to engage in distracting activities.

A new study lends insight into how children react to discipline practices used by parents and teachers, and sheds light on their view of what's fair.

Research suggests gratitude and shared laughter strengthen romantic partnerships.

Hospitalized children infrequently used home health care (HHC) and facility-based post-acute care (PAC) after they were discharged, according to a new article.

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