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Mitochondria, the power generators in our cells, are essential for life. When they are under attack -- from poisons, environmental stress or genetic mutations -- cells wrench these power stations apart, strip out the damaged pieces and reassemble them into usable mitochondria. Now, scientists have…

A new study is the first to confirm that animals possess multiple 'working memory' systems, or the ability to remember more information across two categories versus a single category. The paper is the first to confirm that a key aspect of human memory impaired in memory disorders exists in the type…

Researchers have revealed how three proteins work in concert to wire up a specific area of the developing brain that is responsible for processing visual information. The findings may also lend insight into brain disorders including autism, depression and addiction.

The chronic state of low-level inflammation seen in many elderly individuals (sometimes called 'inflamm-aging'), is associated with diseases such as cardiovascular disease and dementia, as well as susceptibility to infections, especially pneumonia. A new study reveals a crucial role of monocytes in…

A team of researchers has discovered that differences in the types of memories we have influence the nature of our future encounters. Their findings show how distinct parts of the brain, underlying different kinds of memories, also influence our attention in new situations.

A new approach to liquid biopsies may overcome limitations of current blood tests to diagnose and monitor cancers, birth defects, organ transplants and autoimmune disorders. The method relies on analyzing fragmentation patterns in the cell-free DNA in an individual, and comparing them to what might…

Research suggests the possibility of restoring at least some visual function in people blinded by optic nerve damage from glaucoma, estimated to affect more than 4 million Americans, or from trauma.

The complex pattern of 'chatter' between different areas of an individual's brain while they are awake could help doctors better track and even predict their response to general anesthesia -- and better identify the amount of anesthetic necessary -- according to new research.

Electronic cigarettes are widely promoted and used to help smokers quit traditional cigarettes, but a new analysis found that adult smokers who use e-cigarettes are actually 28 percent less likely to stop smoking cigarettes.

The largest analysis of breast cancer cell function to date suggests dozens of new uses for existing drugs, new targets for drug discovery, and new drug combinations.

Changes in brain circuitry occur as young zebra finches go from listening to their fathers' songs to knowing the songs themselves, according to a new study.

Male student ice hockey players in earlier pubertal stages had a significantly increased risk of prolonged symptoms from concussion compared with advanced pubertal and postpubescent players, new research indicates.

The culprit for the link between obesity and colorectal cancer is excess calories, say scientists, but risk can be reversed through lifestyle modification or, potentially, use of an approved drug, a new report suggests.

The destructive ability of bacteria to organize an infection or block pathways such as intestines, medical stents and wastewater pipes relies on communication with one another, report scientists.

Generally healthy older individuals with normal or high bicarbonate levels in the blood had a similar risk of dying during follow-up, but patients with low bicarbonate had a 24% increased risk compared with these groups, investigators report at the conclusion of a recent study.

Researchers are studying new approaches to reducing fall asthma exacerbations, with a focus on new approaches to reducing fall asthma exacerbations in pediatric patients.

A new study shows lesions, which can best be seen on MRI scans, could help identify individuals who are more likely to suffer from more rapidly progressing osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis in the UK and can cause the joints to become painful and stiff. Almost any…

A new study has revealed a belief among pharmaceutical industry personnel that greater involvement of patients and the public could improve medicines research and development (R&D).

The study found that negative comments made by mothers had more impact on their children's self-image regardless of gender, in a culture where fathers are more authoritative and mothers more nurturing than in the West.

Researchers have made a breakthrough in understanding blood vessel occlusion by discovering a novel pathway involved in this process.

A thin, stretchable film that coils light waves like a Slinky could one day lead to more precise, less expensive monitoring for cancer survivors.

Chemists have devised a new and widely applicable technique for building potential drug molecules and other organic compounds.

Chemists have developed a versatile new technique for making modifications -- especially one type of extremely difficult, but much-sought-after modification -- to complex drug molecules.

Learning to speed read seems like an obvious strategy for zipping through the emails, reports, and other text we encounter daily, but a new report shows that the claims made by many speed reading programs and apps are probably too good to be true. Examining research on the science of reading, a…

Cortisol levels that indicate increased stress response are higher in adolescents with sleep problems.

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