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Researchers have mapped the genome of an unusually short-lived fish, paving the way for scientists to use the organism to study how genes influence longevity.

Spreading cancer cells arriving in a new part of the body must be able to change their new environment to continue to grow.

Scientists have discovered a 'master switch' within cancer cells that seems to override the normal stress response and allows them to survive conditions that would normally be lethal. The mechanism could be critical in allowing cancer cells to withstand the huge amounts of stress they come under as…

During the holidays, we often remember the past and create new memories. But, why do some memories fade away while others last forever? Scientists have identified a possible biochemical mechanism by which the specialized brain cells known as neurons create and maintain a long-term memory from a…

It's a genetic detective story with a distinct 21st-century flavor. A geneticist has used powerful internet and social media tools to find doctors and researchers in nine US states and eight other nations to help him confirm, document and describe in precise clinical detail a new X-linked…

Researchers have identified a biomarker that detects the most common lung cancer in its earliest stage. The discovery could one day change how long lung cancer patients live.

Immune dysfunction is increasingly recognized as a cause of drug-resistant epilepsy but how or why the immune system attacks nerve cells -- and the consequences on seizure control -- are not well understood. Two studies explore how different types of autoimmune response elicit markedly different…

Thermal ablation with magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound surgery (MRgFUS) is a noninvasive technique for treating fibroids and cancer. New research shows that combining the technique with chemotherapy can allow complete destruction of tumors in mice.

Researchers sat down with 30 teens to better understand their perceptions of driving and distractions such as cell-phone use. Their ultimate goal is to develop an intervention to keep teens safe on the roadways.

Researchers have been studying a likely congenital dysfunction that is characterized by the inability to recognize familiar faces. The study's findings are crucial, not just for our understanding of face recognition, but also because they allow us to understand the processes behind the recognition…

Epstein-Barr virus and Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus can infect and replicate in cultured and primary neurons, report scientists.

Humans and worms are connected by a common ancestor that lived more than 700 million years ago and shared a gene that is required for sperm to function properly at fertilization, research confirms. This discovery could lead to more effective infertility treatments and better contraceptives.

In contrast to the use in advanced unresectable breast cancer, no positive effects have been proven for the use of neoadjuvant use of pertuzumab in HER2-positive breast cancer, report reviewers. However, more patients discontinue treatment, particularly due to cardiac disorders.

Exposure to cold temperatures is known to mimic the effects of exercise, protecting against obesity and improving metabolic health. A study now reveals that the beneficial health effects of cold exposure are mediated in part by gut microbes. The researchers found that cold exposure dramatically…

The first nationally representative studies in the US to examine the linkages between nonmedical use of opioids and heroin in high school seniors examined associations between frequency and recency of nonmedical use of opioids and heroin.

'Person-centered care' means that people's values and preferences are obtained and, once expressed, guide all aspects of health care and support realistic health and life goals, according to an interprofessional panel of eldercare experts.

Canine mediated rabies is endemic in Tanzania despite the fact that the disease can be prevented entirely by mass dog vaccination.

By attaching a hydrogen peroxide reporter protein to cellular microtubule structures, researchers have developed the first sensor able to show the location of the key cellular signaling chemical inside living cells with high resolution over time.

Two related genes in the Musashi family are required for colon cancer to develop, researchers have discovered, adding that they may be useful targets for effective treatment.

Clinical geneticists have identified two genes that cause the rare congenital syndrome known as circumferential skin creases Kunze type. With less than a dozen cases reported worldwide, the syndrome is extremely rare.

Error correction of cells have been reviewed by researchers who have investigatred the importance of crosstalk and its effects, and propose an alternative model that suppresses erroneous initiation.

A good poker face might prevent others knowing what cards you're holding, but it won't prevent them from knowing if you've gained or lost weight. That's because our faces reveal many things, including whether our weight has changed. Now, researchers have determined the amount of weight people need…

Investigators want to determine whether a newer, easier-to-use breathing tube will produce better results than existing endotracheal tubes in cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Workplace incivility should be treated with the utmost seriousness. This is the finding of three psychologists who surveyed nearly 6,000 people on the social climate in the workplace. Their studies show that being subjected to rudeness is a major reason for dissatisfaction at work and that…

Future treatment of cervical cancer has been advanced by a new discovery, reports a team of scientists. Oncoviruses (cancer-causing viruses) are said to account for about 12% of new cancer cases annually. Cervical cancer, which is the cancer of the cervix, accounts for about 8% of all cancer cases…

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