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Chronic overeating and stress are tied to an increased risk of depression and anxiety, and in a new study, researchers explain why that happens and suggest a possible solution. The researchers report that the anesthetic ketamine reverses depression-like symptoms in rats fed a high-fat diet in a…

The number and percentage of patients treated at emergency departments for hypertension are on the rise across the United States, according to a new study.

Interventions targeted at individual students can improve the classroom environment and trigger a second wave of benefits for all classmates, new research shows. The findings indicate that sharing a classroom with greater numbers of students who participate in a brief intervention can boost all…

'These results can serve as a tool to construct a hazard perception training intervention for youngsters,' Meir says. 'Moreover, the differences that emerged between the various children age groups reinforce that child pedestrians cannot be trained as a group, but rather the training needs to be…

Small price differences at the point of purchase can be highly effective in shifting consumer demand from high calorie to healthier low calorie alternatives, according to a new study.

Cells have an infallible sense of smell that tells them which direction to grow in to move closer to the source of a scent. Now, researchers have now learned how this sense of smell works.

Scientists have been putting Oxford Nanopore's MinION sequencer through its paces with an open-source, sequence alignment-based genome analysis tool called 'NanoOK.'

A new study is the first to provide real-world evidence of the effectiveness of smoking warning labels that include graphic photos of the damage caused by regular tobacco use.

New mathematical models shed light on the complex interactions of stem cell function and molecular diffusion in neural tissue, which may help explain many phenomena from stem cell differentiation to the formation of the cortex of the brain.

A third of patients with chronic conditions who exchanged secure emails with their doctors said that these communications improved their overall health, according to a new study.

Obese children tend to have more muscle, but recent research on the muscle and bone relationship shows that excess body fat may compromise other functions in their bodies, such as bone growth, new research shows.

Why do some people react altruistically to news about an Ebola outbreak while others do not? A new study throws important light on how altruistic behavioral intentions related to the Ebola outbreak were deeply rooted in cultural values and worldviews and emotions, yet also were influenced by the…

The heart as a simulation: In a new project, scientists explore the computational modeling of the human heart. They hope to gain a better understanding of its complex operation and thus better treatments for cardiac patients.

George Loewenstein and Duane Seppi first introduced the 'ostrich effect' in 2009 to describe how investors 'put their heads in the sand' to dodge facing their financial portfolios when they're expecting bad news. The new data documents that ostrich behavior is widely prevalent, even with today's…

Extremely premature babies run a much higher risk of developing autism in later childhood, and even during the neonate period differences are seen in the brains of those who do, research concludes. The findings suggest that environmental factors can lead to autism.

A novel strategy that aggressive sarcomas use to promote drug resistance and cancer's spread has been uncovered by researchers. They've also discovered evidence of how to reverse the process.

A large proportion of people living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are vitamin D deficient, a new study has found. The British study, which is the first of its kind, found that out of 51 IBS patients tested 82 per cent exhibited insufficient vitamin D levels.

A new study of women's experiences of delay in labor has revealed that many moms-to-be are prepared to abandon their prenatal plans for how they wanted their labors and births to be.

A new study improves our understanding of chemotherapy agents. The mechanism of action of metal-based chemotherapy drugs (the most widely used for treating common cancers like testicular or ovarian cancer) was the focus of the research.

Women who suffer from pelvic pain caused by endometriosis may need psychological intervention in order to help improve their mental health and quality of life, new research indicates. The study also found that women with asymptomatic endometriosis (no pain) are less likely to experience anxiety and…

A new study has dismissed the concept of 'fat but fit.' In contrast, the results from the new study suggest that the protective effects of high fitness against early death are reduced in obese people.

A new analysis examines the possibility of using in vitro gametogenesis for human reproduction and its ethical and practical implications. Several groups of people could potentially use IVG for reproduction: those who cannot conceive for physical reasons, same-sex couples, postmenopausal women or…

Researchers have shown that a CTA scan (a scan of the arteries) can be performed with a contrast medium volume reduction of up to 75% and up to 50% reduction in radiation dose. CT scans using contrast medium are the third most common cause of acute renal failure and renal insufficiency as a result…

Targeted alpha therapy has the potential to selectively eliminate HIV infected cells from the central nervous system, according to a recent study. The study shows that a specific human antibody labelled with the alpha emitter bismuth-213 can penetrate the blood brain barrier and selectively target…

The USP15 protein has been identified as novel target for therapy against cancer progression, investigators report. In certain settings, the TGF-? pathway can act as an oncogene, enhancing cancer progression in humans.

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