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A drug used to treat cancer can neutralize the toxic RNA that causes the prolonged muscle contractions and other symptoms of myotonic dystrophy type 1, the most common form of adult-onset muscular dystrophy, a group of researchers has shown for the first time in cells and in a mouse model.

Patients with in-hospital cardiac arrest have low survival rates -- but why do some hospitals achieve higher survival than others? Higher nurse staffing levels and better working conditions may be part of the answer, reports a new study.

Researchers have been working for years to develop an artificial pancreas in the lab to help the millions of people with type 1 diabetes. But what if the answer is to 'recycle' the more than 300 human pancreata from organ donors that aren't currently being used?

Ethiopia is a hotspot for tuberculosis (TB) infection, ranking third among African countries and eighth in the world for TB burden according to the World Health Organization. But, say researchers who have analyzed the genomes of 66 TB strains, that's most likely not because TB was absent in the…

Adolescence is a time when many children may consider experimenting with alcohol or drugs. New research shows parents can reduce that risk by maintaining a healthy and open relationship with their children.

The standard of care for acute concussion may undergo a dramatic change, depending on the results of a new exercise treatment that physicians have developed and begun testing. It is the first randomized, controlled clinical trial of this exercise treatment for concussion.

Mastectomy and reconstruction have the highest rate of complications and complication-related costs, regardless of age, suggests a review of guideline-concordant treatment modalities for women with early stage breast cancer. It was also the most expensive treatment option in a younger patient…

It is well documented that a healthy diet and exercise are key in cancer prevention and management, but the exact mechanism hasn't been clear. Now, researchers have found an explanation in the tiny protective ends of chromosomes called telomeres.

A rare sugar found in seaweed, mushrooms, seeds and other foods may be able to help treat skin cancer, new research shows. The sugar, called L-fucose, has previously been linked to a number of pathological conditions including inflammation and certain cancers. The current study is the first to…

Some of the same gene mutations that cause heart defects in children also lead to neurodevelopmental delays. The research suggests that among infants with congenital heart disease, clinicians may be able to identify those at higher risk for neurodevelopmental problems, and to intervene earlier with…

T1 mapping technique provides clearer imagery and could be used with a wider range of patients than current techniques as it does not require the rare earth heavy metal Gadolinium.

With hopes of making one dose of an inactivated H7N9 vaccine fully protective, scientists successfully tested a prime-boost concept in a small clinical trial. The 'primer' vaccine introduces the immune system to H7N9 influenza virus, and subsequent vaccination with the 'booster' inactivated virus…

Testing for antibodies that target citrullinated tenascin-C (cTNC) could diagnose rheumatoid arthritis in around 50 percent of cases, including some cases not identified by current best tests. It also has a very low rate of false positives -- 98 percent accurate at ruling out rheumatoid arthritis.

Drowsy driving injures and kills thousands of people in the United States each year. A new device under development could alert drowsy drivers and avoid potential accidents.

A short peptide has been developed that inhibits the activation of a signal pathway in monocytes that enables monocytes to adhere stick to endothelial cells and penetrate sites of acute inflammation.

Adjusting a specific deep-brain circuit's firing frequency immediately and dramatically alters rats' forebrain activity and alertness levels, investigators have shown.

New research into how a plant virus assembles could lay the groundwork for future use to carry drugs into the human body. The study describes the structure of an empty version of Cowpea Mosaic Virus (CPMV) and the molecular 'glue' that allows the virus to build itself and encapsulate its genome.

The cellular activity of the enzyme ROCK is controlled by a 'molecular ruler,' new research shows. ROCK is a protein kinase. These enzymes transmit signals and regulate complex processes in cells. These findings represent a completely new model in kinase regulation, say experts.

Wide racial and economic disparities have been found in access to minimally invasive hysterectomies for early uterine cancer in the United States.

Young people with behavioral problems, such as antisocial and aggressive behavior, show reduced grey matter volume in a number of areas of the brain, according to a new study.

A new imaging test has been developed that could enable doctors to identify more dangerous tumors before they spread around the body -- and tailor treatment accordingly. Researchers describe detailed development of magnetic resonance imaging technology to map areas of oxygen deprivation within…

Happiness itself has no direct effect on mortality, a study of a million UK women has shown. Further, the widespread but mistaken belief that unhappiness and stress directly cause ill health came from studies that had simply confused cause and effect, say researchers.

By studying videos from high-stakes court cases, researchers are building unique lie-detecting software based on real-world data.

With the increase in students seeking mental health treatment, researchers predict an additional 329 students will receive a college degree for each year the investment is made. Graduating from college has a direct result on lifetime earnings for an individual and a greater benefit to society.

Exposure to bullying as a child was associated with psychiatric disorders in adulthood that required treatment in a study of Finnish children, according to an article published online by JAMA Psychiatry.

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