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The vital ecosystem of bacteria in the human gut operates like a jungle, with competition between microbes helping maintain the stability necessary to keep us healthy.

A new has pinpointed thousands of genetic pathways an internal body clock takes to dictate how and when our pancreas must produce insulin and control blood sugar, findings that could eventually lead to new therapies for children and adults with diabetes. The study revealed thousands of genes in the…

Citing the 'tremendous potential' of research on human stem cells in nonhuman embryos, scientists and a bioethicist have co-authored a letter urging the removal of funding restrictions imposed on such research last month by the National Institutes of Health.

A simple blood test for the suPAR protein can predict a person's chances of developing chronic kidney disease five years before symptoms emerge, thus doing for kidney disease what cholesterol has done for cardiovascular disease, new research shows.

Cancer cells with BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations are key targets for cancer therapeutics. Yet, few agents can selectively eliminate cells deficient in BRCA, and none can do so without the risk of inducing drug resistance. Now scientists think they can help overcome that problem, thanks to their…

Scientists have announced a discovery that is expected to allow doctors to diagnose a disease causing infertility and lack of puberty in women, with implications for the development of future treatment options. The characterization of the Nup107 gene and discovering its function in ovarian…

A completely new view of how human blood is made has been discovered by scientists, upending conventional dogma from the 1960s.

Are you less happy than your parents were at the same age? It may not be all in your head. Researchers have found that adults over age 30 are not as happy as they used to be, but teens and young adults are happier than ever.

Researchers have identified a new regulatory pathway that may play an important role in basal-like breast cancer, a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer often referred to as 'triple negative.' This pathway may serve as a target for the development of an effective therapeutic.

A revolutionary new research approach has for the first time shown that epilepsy could be preventable. However, the technique developed and tested over three-years will not benefit individuals who already have epilepsy, scientists say.

New research has pinpointed immune cells that could be targeted by an MRSA vaccine. These 'helper' cells alert other key players in the immune response which, in turn, eradicate the infection, say the researchers.

When it comes to spreading viruses, bats are thought to be among the worst. Now a new study of nearly 900 nonhuman primates in Bangladesh and Cambodia shows that macaques harbor more diverse astroviruses, which can cause infectious gastroenteritis or diarrhea in humans.

DNA represents a dynamic form of information, balancing efficient storage and access requirements. Packaging approximately 1.8m of DNA into something as small as a cell nucleus is no mean feat, but unpacking it again to access the required sections and genes? That requires organization.

Sierra Leone is expected to soon be declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization. But what was key to eliminating the disease? A mathematical model describes the reasons as complex, but confirms that increased identification and isolation of infectious cases played the major role.

A new method for rapid diagnosis of Ebola has been tested in a field trial in Guinea. The test procedure was carried out using a portable suitcase laboratory. The mobile suitcase lab is operated with solar power and enables simple on-site diagnostics in remote areas without the need of an equipped…

Researchers evaluate a decade's worth of post-fight medical examinations to shed new light on injury risks of combative sports. The research offers a first-of-its-kind glimpse into the dangers of the two combative sports, and is the direct result of the author's quarter-century of experience as a…

Therapeutic iron supplements may be less effective when given in brief intervals: A peptide molecule blocks iron absorption in the intestine even 24 hours after the iron administation, say researchers.

In real-world settings, patients with schizophrenia whose symptoms do not respond to standard antipsychotic medications have better outcomes if they are switched to clozapine instead of another standard antipsychotic.

A mitochondrial defect is responsible for a type of human hereditary deafness that worsens over time and can lead to profound hearing loss. Using a genetically modified mice model with a mitochondrial dysfunction that results in a similar premature hearing loss, researchers showed that precise…

Chemists have devised a new way to detect chemical damage to DNA that sometimes leads to genetic mutations responsible for many diseases, including various cancers and neurological disorders.

Why some patients respond well to immunotherapy and others do not is unclear, but new studies now provide evidence that the gut microbiome can play a role.

Inflammatory processes occur throughout the body, with a primary function of promoting healing after injury. However, when too active, these inflammatory processes can also damage the body in many ways, and may contribute to heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, and other significant medical…

First-time expectant mothers who do not plan to follow the recommended childhood immunization schedule differ in a number of ways from mothers who do, according to a recent study.

Conducting an economic analysis of drug use is a particularly difficult endeavor, but for one researcher, it just meant taking a look at the history books.

Young adults are more envious than older adults, a new paper suggests. They are more envious over looks and for a wider range of other reasons, too. It also appears that both men and women are more likely to envy someone who is of their own gender and approximately their own age.

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