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An increase in serum phosphorus levels in African Americans with chronic kidney disease (CKD) is associated with faster progression to kidney failure, known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD). The study confirmed in African Americans what previous studies in Caucasians demonstrated, that an increase…

Warning labels on medications about the dangers of driving are not enough to stop people getting behind the wheel with most driving while affected by drugs, according to Australian research.

Researchers of the University of Helsinki, Finland, have identified a genetic mutation which renders carriers susceptible to particularly impulsive and reckless behavior when drunk. The research took advantage of the unique Finnish data on impulsive sufferers of alcoholism and their relatives, and…

Scientists have developed a self-healing, flexible sensor that mimics the self-healing properties of human skin. Incidental scratches or cuts to the sensors "heal" themselves in less than one day.

When parents have high hopes for their children's academic achievement, the children tend to do better in school, unless those hopes are unrealistic, in which case the children may not perform well in school.

Scientists have succeeded in stimulating the regeneration of injured neurons in living fish by the use of light. To this end, they employed so-called Optogenetics, i.e. light inducible protein activation.

Women who have ovarian cancer often develop a condition called ascites, which is a buildup of fluids in the abdomen. A drug that inhibits a receptor called the Colony-Stimulating-Factor-1 Receptor, or CSF1R, reduces ascites with minimal side effects, new research shows.

Researchers have identified a mechanism that allows cancer cells to respond and grow rapidly when levels of sugar in the blood rise. This may help to explain why people who develop conditions in which they have chronically high sugar levels in their blood, such as obesity, also have an increased…

New research examines chemical leaching into coffee from filter coffee machines and electric kettles. The alarming results suggest that caffeine consumption is not all we have to worry about in our coffee culture.

What's in a name? In the case of the usernames of video gamers, a remarkable amount of information about their real world personalities, according to research by psychologists. Analysis of anonymized data from one of the world's most popular computer games also revealed information about their ages.

microRNA, miR-124, reduced tumor growth and increased cell death in castration-resistant prostate cancer, new research concludes. This small RNA fragment hit multiple targets, reducing androgen receptor signaling and reviving the potency of enzalutamide, a treatment for advanced prostate cancer. In…

Studying blood serum compounds of different molecular weights has led scientists to a set of biomarkers that may enable development of a highly accurate screening test for early-stage ovarian cancer.

Classifying an individual as being at 'high risk' of developing a particular condition/disease has become a disease in its own right, and is turning the healthy into the sick, argues an expert in a new editorial.

A new simulation method allows researchers to note — with unprecedented accuracy — of structural changes in DNA and of the interaction of DNA with proteins and drugs.

Scientists are studying how to improve the development of advanced computing systems to create faster software under the auspices of RePhrase, a new research project from the European Union Horizon 2020 program. These new techniques will make it possible to improve applications such as industrial…

British academics have carried out the largest global review of psychological barriers behind HIV testing and the factors that may influence people's decision to be tested.

Inspired by the classic 'ball-in-a-cup' children's toy, researchers have discovered an innovative method to make medicinally important molecules.

An abundance of sweets during the holidays increases the threat of cavities and tooth sensitivity. Researchers have found a way to regrow enamel to protect teeth. Perhaps one day their gel could be used as teeth strips or in a mouth guard, they say.

New insights show how even very small changes to synapses can alter brain function and could lead to intellectual disabilities. Researchers note that new research will help in the development of better treatments.

Elite endurance athletes who eat very few carbohydrates burned more than twice as much fat as high-carb athletes during maximum exertion and prolonged exercise in a new study -- the highest fat-burning rates under these conditions ever seen by researchers.

Scientists have developed a new method that can 'see' inside dispersed cubosomes (dispersed cubic liquid crystalline phases) with unprecedented detail. The breakthrough can help to improve their design significantly for better drug or nutrient delivery.

Atropine .01 percent eye drops slow down nearsightedness by roughly 50 percent in five-year clinical trial on Singaporean children. Researchers suggest low-dose drops safe as 'first line' defense against rapid development of nearsightedness in children.

A new study of 5,000 9- to 11-year-olds demonstrates significant positive associations between breakfast consumption and educational outcomes.The research found that the odds of an above average Teacher Assessment score were up to twice as high for pupils who ate breakfast, compared with those who…

In a novel animal study design that mimicked human clinical trials, researchers report that long-term treatment using a small molecule drug that reduces activity of the brain's stress circuitry significantly reduces Alzheimer's disease (AD) neuropathology and prevents onset of cognitive impairment…

Scientists have shown how a parasitic worm infection common in the developing world increases susceptibility to tuberculosis. The study raises the possibility of using inexpensive and widely available anti-parasitic drugs as a preventive measure in places where the parasite and TB are common --…

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