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New evidence has been found that mindfulness meditation reduces pain more effectively than placebo. The study used a two-pronged approach -- pain ratings and brain imaging -- to determine whether mindfulness meditation is merely a placebo effect. Seventy-five healthy, pain-free participants were…

Stroke patients receiving emergency clot busting drugs, the correct dose of which depends on the patient's weight, may be receiving the wrong dose because the UK (and much of Europe) does not weigh patients prior to its administration, a new study has revealed.

Some rare 'missense' mutations in the HER2 gene are apparently not -- on their own -- capable of causing breast cancer growth or spread, new research shows. Cancer experts estimate that one in five breast cancers contain amplification of -- or increased copies of -- the HER2 gene.

'Blink and you'll miss it' isn't only for eyelids. The human brain also blinks, dropping a few frames of visual information here and there. Those lapses of attention come fast -- maybe just once every tenth of a second. But some people may be missing more than others, according to psychologists.

New research helps explain the role of an immunosuppressive pathway associated with irritable bowel disease, a condition that develops in genetically susceptible individuals when the body's immune system overreacts to intestinal tissue, luminal bacteria or both.

A practice that may seem like a harmless playground antic, but could have long-lasting and harmful effects to a young girl's perception of herself and of food, has been the focus of recent American research.

As the nation reels from another mass shooting on a college campus, analysis of the 2007 attack at Virginia Tech University highlights the need for comprehensive and coordinated mental health services on college campuses, according to a new paper.

To treat—and ultimately prevent—cancer-related fatigue, a cancer researcher will develop and test a novel mechanism of mitochondrial bioenergetics and radiation-induced fatigue using molecular-genetic approaches.

Heart patients who had undergone an angioplasty procedure that opened only some blocked arteries tended to have a resolution of their chest pain, making it unnecessary to add another medication to treat the symptom, according to a study.

The source of any life involves the duplication (or replication) of DNA, a mechanism that is essential to cell division. A team of biologists has recently performed the most exhaustive analysis to date of thousands of sites (called origins) where this replication of the genome is initiated in…

Researchers assess the human health risk of exposure to metals in urban gardens by assessing their oral bioaccessibility.

Standard approaches for investigating risk of violence in psychiatric patients and prisoners are inaccurate and should be abandoned in all future studies, according to researchers.

British workers are not being protected from occupational diseases and deaths, argues an expert in a new article.

Parents' charitable giving is affected by the sex of their first child, according to a new report. The study provides the first evidence that the sex of the first-born child influences the parents' giving. The researchers found that the first-born's sex affects the parents' giving for parents who…

A common ingredient in sunscreen could be an effective antibacterial coating for medical implants such as pacemakers and replacement joints, scientists report.

A study provides new clues to what went wrong with a landmark TB vaccine trial in South Africa. The vaccine -- tested in nearly 2,800 infants -- did not offer extra protection against developing tuberculosis, which last year killed 1.5 million people. South Africa has the second highest rate of TB…

People with diabetes who are at high risk of blindness and amputation because of their condition could get better preventative treatment thanks to two new risk prediction tools recently created.

Receptors on bone cells activate bone loss in contact with bacteria that cause inflammation in patients resulting in loosening of the teeth, loosening dental and orthopaedic implants or arthritis. The discovery indicates that the so-called Toll-like receptors also play an important role in the…

Investments in cancer control -- prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care -- are increasingly needed in low- and, particularly, middle-income countries, where most of the world's cancer deaths occur, a new paper recommends.

When doctors and patients are encouraged to discuss the need for prescribing antibiotics for acute respiratory infections jointly, fewer are prescribed, new research shows. This may be useful in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

In a study of people's ability to detach themselves from work, a researcher used an online questionnaire to survey 103 employees pursuing 1,127 work goals. Overall, the study observed they had more difficulty detaching from work tasks that had been left uncompleted, especially when these were…

An international team of scientists has mapped out the genetic trajectories taken by melanoma as it evolves from early skin lesions, known as precursors, to malignant skin cancer.

Diagnostic errors involve several types of missed opportunities to make a correct and timely diagnosis; a diagnosis may be missed completely, the wrong one may be provided, or diagnosis may be delayed, all of which can lead to harm from delayed or inappropriate treatments and tests. An estimated 12…

A mechanical valve prosthesis has a better survival record than a biological valve prosthesis, according to a large registry study from Sweden. The finding can be highly significant, since the use of biological valve prostheses has increased in all age groups in recent years.

Child care centers play a pivotal role when it comes to the physical activity levels of preschoolers, new research confirms. Yet few children get to experience outdoor recess time as it is scheduled. Only 3 in 10 children had at least 60 minutes of a full child-care day outdoors for recess, as is…

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