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Prepare Ayurvedic Medicines at your home

Prepare Ayurvedic Medicines at your home – Video by By Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande ,Pune,India
Ayurvedic Medicines are very natural to human body systems. If you have little liking of cooking, then preparing Ayurvedic Medicines is a fun. It gives Quality medicines, in a low cost compare to Market Medicines. 

There are 3 parts of this Video .In first part you will see Panchkol Phant ( Hot infusion of 5 pungent plants),Dhanya Hima( Cold infusion of Dry Coriander) ,Arjun Kshir pak( Medicated milk from Arjun as Cardiac Tonic) . 
In Second  part you will see Preparation of Shatavari Kalpa ( Sugar Granules of Asparegus Recemosus). 
In Third  part you will see   Preparation of Bala oil( Medicated oil from Bala) 

For First Part
For Second Part
For Third Part

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